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BMW i3

BMW i3

BMW touts its i3 as the first car built from the ground up around a fully electric drivetrain, but a number of factors hold the clever small car back in Australia.

Built around a revolutionary carbon composite passenger cell and aluminum driveline platform, the four-seat, four-door i3 is powered by a 125kW electric motor sitting between the rear wheels. An optional 650cc petrol engine can be fitted to charge the i3's battery, but it's not connected to the drive wheels. With this extender, the i3's range grows from 150km to 300km.

Price ranges from $68,700 for the i3 120Ah up to $69,900 for the i3 S 120Ah. The lack of a charging network has kept a lid on i3 sales, while a lack of support from state and federal governments in offering incentives for EV buyers has not helped, either.

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120Ah —, EV, 1 SP AUTO $68,700 2019 BMW i3 120Ah Pricing and Specs
S 120Ah —, EV, 1 SP AUTO $69,900 2019 BMW i3 S 120Ah Pricing and Specs

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