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2021 BMW i Series
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2021 BMW i Series Pricing and Specs

Price Guide

The BMW i Series 2021 is priced from $118,888 for SUV i Series IX3 M Sport.

The BMW i Series 2021 comes in Hatchback, Sedan and SUV.

The BMW i Series 2021 is available in Electric.

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BMW i Series Models SPECS PRICE
I3 S 120AH Electric1 speed automatic $60,300 – 76,230
i3 S 120AH Electric1 speed automatic $57,800 – 73,040


BMW i Series Models SPECS PRICE
I4 Edrive40 M Sport Gran Coupe Electric1 speed automatic $83,400 – 105,490
I4 M50 Gran Coupe Electric1 speed automatic $104,300 – 131,890


BMW i Series Models SPECS PRICE
IX Xdrive40 Electric1 speed automatic $108,100 – 136,730
IX Xdrive40 Sport Electric1 speed automatic $112,900 – 142,780
IX Xdrive50 Sport Electric1 speed automatic $135,300 – 171,050
IX3 M Sport Electric1 speed automatic $97,400 – 123,200

BMW i Series 2021 FAQs

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  • Range rating for electric cars?

    We're at the dawn of the electric era and waiting for an official global standard. It's not about charging the batteries but the range you get for the charge. A simple standard is being developed in Europe. I can recall the confusion when we switched away from the imperial miles per gallon standard in Australia - the economy number got smaller instead of larger when expressed in L/100 km.

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  • Should I buy an electric car now or later?

    It’s definitely true that the march of new-car technology is making big changes to the cars we’re being offered almost on a monthly basis. So, if your current car is just three years old, it might be worth holding on to it and waiting for the next big thing to arrive in showrooms. Certainly, by trading-in at just three years, you’ll pretty much max out the depreciation you’ll suffer in financial terms.

    But by waiting, you might find that you can buy an electric vehicle and be able to tap into newer and better infrastructure that will be in place in another few years, rather than put up with the relatively sparse charging-station network currently in this country.

    At the moment, a hybrid or plug-in hybrid is a pretty good way to go, provided you use the vehicle mostly in an urban setting, rather than long-distance freeway journeys where the hybrid tech is less advantageous. A hybrid is not exactly future-proof, but it’s a good next step for a lot of Australian car-owners.


    As for what brand is best, the tech is getting better and better as time goes by, so it’s likely to be build date rather than brand that will determine the efficiency of the vehicle in question. That said, car owners can’t hold off forever when it comes to upgrading, so for the moment, a hybrid or plug-in hybrid is a logical next car. We’re particularly impressed by the current-model Toyota Camry which is good value to buy, a classy driving experience and offers hybrid fuel efficiency in the right environment. Such cars will be a lot of Australian families’ first hybrid, and rightly so.

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