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BMW 2 Series vs Range Rover Evoque

What's the difference?

BMW 2 Series
BMW 2 Series

$53,888 - $114,900

2023 price

Range Rover Evoque
Range Rover Evoque

$85,999 - $127,000

2023 price


2023 BMW 2 Series
2023 Range Rover Evoque
Safety Rating

Engine Type
Turbo 3, 1.5L

Turbo 3, 1.5L
Fuel Type

Premium Unleaded/Electric
Fuel Efficiency
5.9L/100km (combined)

0.0L/100km (combined)

  • Why $7000 more than the hatch?
  • Lacklustre warranty term
  • Cheap feeling leather trim

  • Painfully expensive
  • Rude options list
  • Be prepared to wait for delivery
2023 BMW 2 Series Summary

You’d be forgiven for thinking there aren’t many sedans left on sale in Australia, thanks to the massive shift in buyer preference to SUVs.

But while mainstream carmakers like Ford, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, Volkswagen and a lot more have scaled back their booted offerings, premium brands are yet to give up on sedans.

BMW alone has seven sedan models in its line-up ranging from small offerings like the 2 Series Gran Coupe all the way up to the 7 Series and 8 Series.

We are focusing on the former for this review, in entry level 218i guise. It’s a sleek sedan that certainly catches the eye, but can it compete with similarly priced SUVs in our crossover-loving country?

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2023 Range Rover Evoque Summary

Range Rover has developed a bit of an image problem in the last few years.

To many the brand is still the face of a quintessentially British aspirational luxurious off-roader. But to a growing group, it has become synonymous with the concept of an environmentally reckless fuel-guzzling SUV.

They’re big, heavy, and still feature V8 engines, but Range Rover knows all too well the writing is on the wall for its increasingly infamous range of combustion vehicles.

The trouble is, customers love them, and while the I-Pace from sister brand Jaguar is a big leap into the future, there needs to be a happy medium for easing some of its existing customers away from combustion, while still offering the kinds of excess and aspirational performance the Range Rover brand is associated with.

Enter this car, the Evoque HSE P300e. It’s a plug-in hybrid, notably only available in the top trim level, with top-shelf performance, too.

Is it the right car to represent Range Rover’s entry-level model at a critical time of technological transformation? Let’s take a look.

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2023 BMW 2 Series 2023 Range Rover Evoque

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