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Rivian R1T

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Rivian R1T

Rivian has managed to maintain a high-profile since the brand was launched more than a decade ago. Keeping things simple with a two model line-up - the R1T dual cab pick-up and R1S large SUV - the EV specialist has been in the US market since late 2021 with production and sales rising steadily since then.

A size down from 'full-size' US EV pick-ups like the Chevrolet Silverado EV, Ford F-150 Lightning or RAM 1500 REV the R1T is a similar size to the Ford Ranger and Toyota HiLux. Although not on sale in Australia yet, the company has made its plans for global export clear.

Rivian has plans for a more affordable dual-motor (one motor per axle) version of the R1T, which will start at US$73,000 (approx. A$114,000), and be able to be upgraded with a ‘Performance’ motor package for US$5000 or the choice of a ‘Large’ battery for US$6000 (approx. A$9000) or the ‘Max’ battery for US$16,000 (approx. A$25,000).

The range-topping quad-motor R1T, with four electric motors (two per axle) is priced from US$89,000 (approx. A$139,000).

Rivian R1T Interior

Rivian has produced a minimalist design for the R1T, with almost every function through the central multimedia touchscreen. The only physical controls in the entire cabin are a pair of dials/buttons on the steering wheel and a pair of stalks behind the wheel (left for the indicators and right for the gear selector).

The interior is finished in a combination of synthetic leather and dark ash wood as standard, with a variety of colour choices available as options in the US market.

Rivian R1T Interior

Rivian R1T Colours

In the US, Rivian offers the R1T in nine colours - silver, white, red, black, blue, light grey, dark grey, green and yellow.

  • LA Silver
  • Glacier White
  • Red Canyon
  • Midnight
  • Rivian Blue
  • Limestone
  • Forest Green
  • El Cap Granite
  • Compass Yellow
To confirm current colour availability, please check the manufacturer's website.

Rivian R1T Speed

Being an American company Rivian plublishs 0-60mph (0-96km/h) times, but that should give you an idea what you can expect. The Dual-Motor AWD takes 4.5 seconds, the Performance Dual-Motor AWD just 3.5 seconds and the Quad-Motor AWD cuts it to just 3.0 seconds. Top speed is around 210km/h.

Rivian R1T Engine

There are three main powertrain options for the R1T - Dual-Motor AWD, Performance Dual-Motor AWD and Quad-Motor AWD.

The Dual-Motor AWD makes 397kW/827Nm, the Performance Dual-Motor AWD produces 495kW/1123Nm and the Quad-Motor manages an impressive 622kW/1231Nm.

Rivian R1T Accessories

The Rivian R1T comes equipped with a 21-inch alloy wheel and ‘road’ tyre combination, a built-in air-compressor, ‘Gear Guard’ security cable, synthetic leather trim, dark ash wood inlays, heated and ventilated seats and a heated steering wheel. An ‘All-Terrain’ package, available as an option, brings 20-inch alloys with all-terrain tyres, underbody protection and a full-size spare.

Neither Apple CarPlay nor Android Auto are available, with Rivian preferring its own bespoke Google-powered media system.

Rivian R1T Accessories

Rivian R1T News

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Rivian R1T Seats

The Rivian R1T has seating for five in the cabin. The seats are trimmed in synthetic (vegan-friendly) leather as standard. The rear seats feature a pass through to access the gear tunnel that's between the cabin and tray.

Rivian R1T Seats

Rivian R1T Range

The standard battery in the Rivian R1T provides 435km for the Dual-Motor AWD but the optional Large battery that extends to 560km while the Max battery extends range up to 640km.

The Performance Dual-Motor comes standard with the Large battery, so it has a range of 560km with the option of 640km with the Max battery.

The Quad-Motor comes equipped with the Large battery as standard and has a 530km range, but it isn’t available with the Max battery.