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Mitsubishi Reviews

On the face of it, the Audi Q7 and Mitsubishi Outlander have few things in...Read more
The Outlander Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle - PHEV - is now available across all...Read more
The Exceed tops the range and is available with three all-wheel-drive...Read more
The LS is the middle specification of the Outlander and easily the best...Read more
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Mitsubishi must have a thing for old cars. The Lancer, Pajero and ASX are...Read more
The ASX has been around for a long, long time and is now at the point...Read more
Standard on the Exceed are 18-inch alloys, six-speaker stereo, air-...Read more
You can never be completely sure about the age of a car, but I reckon the...Read more
The ES is the entry grade into the Eclipse Cross line-up with its list...Read more
The ES is the base grade in the Mitsubishi ASX range with a list price of...Read more
The zombie apocalypse has arrived and you get to pick one car to help you...Read more
The Mitsubishi Triton is the quiet achiever in Australia’s 4x4 ute segment...Read more
If tea leaf reading was an Olympic sport, Mitsubishi would be at the top...Read more
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If the hugely popular Mazda CX-5 barely fits your family's needs, why...Read more
The Eclipse Cross LS represents the entry point to the Australian line-up...Read more
The Mitsubishi ASX is Australia's best-selling small SUV. Think about that...Read more
With the Australian hunger for big cars still raging in the late-1980s...Read more