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2021 Mazda BT-50 Pricing and Specs

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Mazda BT-50
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CarsGuide has published 10 expert reviews of the Mazda BT-50 2021. It has an average rating of 7.9 out of 10. Read all the reviews here.

The Mazda BT-50 2021 prices range from $27,390 for the basic trim level Single Cab BT-50 XS (4X2) to $72,160 for the top of the range Dual Cab BT-50 Thunder (4X4).

The Mazda BT-50 2021 comes in Dual Cab, Extra Cab, Other and Single Cab.

The Mazda BT-50 2021 is available in Diesel. Engine sizes and transmissions vary from the Dual Cab 1.9L 6 SP Automatic to the Single Cab 3.2L 6SP Manual.

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Mazda BT-50 FAQs

Are the front drive shafts and CV joints of the 2021 Mazda BT-50 interchangeable with the Isuzu D-max?

If we’re talking about the current model D-Max and BT-50, then yes, the entire driveline should be interchangeable. Under the skin, both the Mazda and Isuzu utes are the same vehicle. Car makers enter into joint ventures like the development of this pair of vehicles to keep costs down by sharing the expense of developing, engineering and testing parts like engines, transmissions and, of course, drive-shafts and CV joints.

While most joint ventures like this one will arrive at two vehicles with some visual differences and usually some details differences inside, when it comes to the oily bits, making specific driveline or suspension parts for one vehicle over the other is defeating the purpose of the joint venture in the first place.

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My 2021 Mazda BT-50 ute's engine light is on and the vehicle won't go above 50km/h or out of second gear.

It sounds awfully like the car has entered what’s called limp-home mode. As the name suggests, this allows the ute to run just enough to get you to a workshop without damaging anything else. Limp-home is usually associated with a problem in one of the car’s systems, whether that’s electronic, fuel-system, exhaust system (DPF) or a mechanical fault with the engine or transmission. It’s kind of a self-preservation function.

The good news is that you’re still well and truly overed by the factory warranty, so it’s back to the dealership for your BT-50. This is absolutely Mazda’s problem, not yours.

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What do I do if a dealer gives me and incorrect quote?

This is one of the problems with the way the prices of band-new vehicles are haggled over. Had there been just a simple checkout price (as there is with nearly everything else we buy) this confusion probably wouldn’t have crept in. I take that, having asked for the tray upgrade, you then paid attention only to the final price being offered by the dealer.

Regardless of whether the dealer is trying to stall you with talk of a two month wait is a side issue. And perhaps you can hold out and force the dealer to supply the vehicle as per your contract of sale. Then again, if the mistake was a genuine one by a member of the sales staff (who could conceivably lose their job over such a blunder) then what’s the moral solution? Perhaps there’s a compromise to be made by both parties. I can understand you not wanting to pay an extra $7000 for a different type of tray, but surely that’s not the best result for anybody. In an ideal world, perhaps one solution would be for the dealer to provide the tray at their cost price (so they don’t lose money on the deal) and you get a cheap(er) tray because you’re not paying retail. Yes, it’s complicated. But that’s what happens when commerce meets karma.

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