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2020 LDV T60
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2020 LDV T60 Pricing and Specs

Price Guide

The LDV T60 2020 prices range from $27,990 for the basic trim level Ute T60 PRO (4X4) to $40,990 for the top of the range Ute T60 Trailrider (4X4).

The LDV T60 2020 is available in Diesel.

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4WD CAB Chassis 2.8LDiesel6 speed manual $22,400 – 30,470
Luxe (4X4) 2.8LDiesel6 speed $28,500 – 37,730
Luxe (4X4) 2.8LDiesel6 speed manual $26,900 – 35,640
Mega TUB (4X4) 2.8LDiesel6 speed $30,100 – 39,380
Mega TUB (4X4) 2.8LDiesel6 speed manual $28,100 – 37,180
PRO (4X4) 2.8LDiesel6 speed $24,900 – 33,000
PRO (4X4) 2.8LDiesel6 speed manual $22,700 – 30,800
Trailrider (4X4) 2.8LDiesel6 speed $33,000 – 43,230
Trailrider (4X4) 2.8LDiesel6 speed manual $31,400 – 41,140
Trailrider 2 (4X4) D20 2.0LDiesel6 speed automatic $32,500 – 42,570
Trailrider 2 (4X4) D20 2.0LDiesel6 speed manual $30,800 – 40,370

LDV T60 2020 FAQs

Check out real-world situations relating to the LDV T60 here, particularly what our experts have to say about them.

  • Why is my LDV T60 Luxe stuck in 4L?

    For reasons known only to marketing departments, the LDV, like most modern four-wheel-drive vehicles, uses a rotary knob to shift between two and four-wheel-drive and high and low-range. While old-school off-roaders of decades ago used a simple, mechanical lever to make these shifts, the modern rotary knob system relies on electronics and solenoids to effect the same shifts. When these solenoids go wrong or there’s an interruption to or glitch in the power supply, you can easily experience the symptoms you’ve noted.

    The LDV is by no means the only brand to suffer vague or phantom shifting with this system and a body-computer re-set may be required. The fault has nothing to do with you leaving it in 4H while it was parked for a few days. It’s also very unlikely to be an actual mechanical problem with the transmission. So make it the dealer’s problem; it’s a new vehicle, so the vehicle will be covered by warranty and it won’t cost you anything to have put right.

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  • Why won't my 2018 LDV T60 start?

    It seems like the fix here would be an obvious one, but there’s a number of potential causes for a fault like this. Let’s start with the actual starter button. It could have failed internally. Or the starter motor itself might have either failed or simply had a critical wire fall off its terminal. Perhaps the immobiliser system is not arming the ignition as it should.

    And here’s one from left field: Is the transmission in Park? If it is and the engine still won’t turn over, try putting the selector into Neutral. Both Park and Neutral should allow the engine to start, but most people only ever try it in Park. You could also have a poor earth or iffy battery terminal which is allowing enough current to pass to illuminate the dashboard lights, but not enough to actually crank the engine over.

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  • LDV T60: Problems with engine temperature

    How sure are you that the caravan weights 2000 kg when fully loaded? What gear do you use when climbing hills? Make sure you are not heavier than you think, and use a lower gear on hills rather than let the engine lug in an overdrive ratio.

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