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Honda Jazz Gearbox & Transmission Problems

Are you having problems with the transmission of your Honda Jazz? Let our team of motoring experts keep you up to date with all of the latest Honda Jazz transmission issues & faults. We have answered all of the most frequently asked questions relating to problems with the Honda Jazz transmission.

My automatic 2018 Honda Jazz is not changing gears

There are dozens (hundreds, actually) of reasons why a modern automatic car won't accelerate through its gears properly when you take off from a standing start. These can include sensors, wiring, fuses, mechanical issues within the transmission and even an on-board computer that has lost the plot.

While the Jazz uses a CVT transmission rather than a conventional automatic with planetary gears, the Honda still makes use of hydraulic transmission fluid to operate its torque converter and effect the gear ratio changes as you drive. So, keeping the correct grade of fluid at the correct level is critical.

In most cases, the best bet is to take the car to a workshop that knows this make and model and have it scanned electronically for clues about what's gone wrong. This will ultimately be the quickest, cheapest way to find out what's wrong. From there, you can make a more informed decision on how to proceed.

However, if you want to be a little more pro-active, there are a couple of things to try. First, check the level of the transmission fluid. If this is low (due to a leak) then the gearbox may have difficulty shifting gears or taking off at all. The other thing you could try is to disconnect the battery from the car and leave it for at least an hour before reconnecting the battery. This forces an electronic reset and could fix the problem. It's a bit of a long shot, however, and you may have to recode your radio and reset the car's clock.

How do I check if the 2005 Honda Jazz was recalled for a gearbox problem?

The 2015 model Jazz was recalled for a CVT transmission problem which could see high internal hydraulic pressure cause an internal shaft to break, at which point the car would lose all drive. However, your 2005 model Jazz was not fitted with a gearbox with the same potential problem.

Even though there was no recall for the 2005 Jazz's transmission, those with the CVT transmission could suffer shuddering problems which were linked to depleted additives in the transmission fluid. The solution was an improved fluid which was added to the gearbox once the old fluid had been drained and the car's ECU reset. While Honda dealers were performing this change, the problem was not deemed to be a safety issue, so no recall was issued.

The Australian Federal Government operates a website that lists all recalls for all makes and models officially sold here. It makes for some interesting reading. You can find it here.

Which generation Honda Jazz had a transmission issue related to the CVT?

The problem you refer to affected the very first Jazz models sold here up to 2008. Any car made after that date should not exhibit the same problem as Honda made running changes to fix it back in the day.

The problem was actually traced back to the wrong transmission fluid being used in the CVT unit. These modern transmission are very particular about what fluid they use, especially with regard to the complex brew of additives that make up the fluid.

Over time, the fluid in the affected Jazzes would start to break down as the additives became depleted, at which point, it wasn鈥檛 doing the complete job necessary. Specifically, the depleted additive package suddenly allowed the starter-motor clutch to remain engaged. Essentially, you had the transmission trying to drive the car and the starter clutch dragging at it, effectively trying to slow it down. Which is when the car would start to shudder.

The solution was to switch to a new, reformulated transmission fluid which was added to the drained CVT, the car driven for a certain distance, the new fluid dumped and refilled and then the ECU reset to recalibrate the transmission. Problem sorted.

Honda Jazz 2007: Transmission problems

There was a lot of trouble with the auto transmission in the Jazz of that era. You don鈥檛 say if the transmission that was fitted was new or used; if it were used I would suggest the transmission is the problem. You also mention the fluid being changed, it鈥檚 very important that Honda fluid is used, and you say it was when it was changed, but you don鈥檛 say what oil was in the transmission before it was changed. The damage might have been done before the fluid was changed. I think you could be up for another transmission.


Are there any problems with the transmission in the Honda Jazz?

The CVT transmission in the Jazz was prone to shuddering. To fix it Honda introduced a service requirement on the transmission, basically to change the oil. The automatic transmission in your Mazda is not a CVT, and does not suffer the same problem. But automatic transmission specialists will always tell you that it's wise to service automatic transmissions to prolong their life. It's even more important if you do a lot of towing.

Problem transmission in Jazz

I would take it to a Honda dealer as the company has been replacing problem transmissions. At the very least have the gearbox oil changed. If you choose to do nothing it's likely to get worse, and you could end up replacing the transmission.

Honda Jazz shaking

It's a problem with the CVT transmission and one that Honda is   aware of and has been rectifying. Take it back to your dealer and   have them assess it. They might be able to fix it by changing the oil   in the gearbox, but in some cases they have replaced gearboxes.

Honda Jazz gearbox troubles

Hopefully you have kept a record of the times the oil has been changed and the result. I would take that to the dealer in the first instance and present a claim to have the gearbox replaced, as has happened with some other Jazz owners. If that doesn't get the result you want, move up the chain, and if necessary go to the consumer affairs people as the last resort.

Another shuddering Honda Jazz

The first thing dealers usually do when they get a shuddering Jazz is to change the transmission fluid, which is a special fluid for the purpose, and that appears to fix most cars. In some cases it doesn't and in those cases it usually means the transmission needs replacing.  Trading the car is drastic, but if that eases your mind then so be it.

Shuddering Honda jazz

It would appear that Honda believes your transmission is operating acceptably, but you clearly don't. Maintain the pressure on the dealer and Honda until they fix your car, and keep meticulous records of all dealings you have on the matter. This will back up any claim you might have later on.

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