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Honda Jazz 2007: Transmission problems

Asked by Shashi

I bought a 2007 Honda Jazz 1.4 automatic last year. It worked smoothly for six months. Then it gave flashing D and stopped shifting gears. Then I got the gearbox replaced with the one from Japan Auto. Now it shifts gear, but not smoothly. Also I am not able to go to L - Load gear. When I start the ignition, I am on D-drive. Then when I start driving the gear shifts maybe till 5 (not sure exactly what it is as it does not display in drive). But when I speed more than 70, the rpm starts to increase, but it looks like the gear is not shifting to upper gears. Now if I press Manual gear shifting button on the steering wheel, it should show M - Manual and allow me to change the gears. But it still shows D, and starts displaying the current gear. But this time, it automatically shifts gears from 1-7 depending on the speed. It also gives some jerks, when it's shifting the gears. Mechanic then changed the gearbox oil after completely draining the current oil, with Honda CVT oil, but the problem still persists. I am thinking the problem is – if the new gearbox that the car has now has some different gear settings compared to my old one. When I put it on D – by default it goes to Load/Sport. When I put it on S – it goes to Load. And when the car is on D – Drive and I press Manual drive button, it actually goes to drive that time. I am not sure what can be wrong and how can I fix it. Can you give an expert opinion to fix the issue?

Answered by CarsGuide

18 Oct 2019 Graham Smith

There was a lot of trouble with the auto transmission in the Jazz of that era. You don’t say if the transmission that was fitted was new or used; if it were used I would suggest the transmission is the problem. You also mention the fluid being changed, it’s very important that Honda fluid is used, and you say it was when it was changed, but you don’t say what oil was in the transmission before it was changed. The damage might have been done before the fluid was changed. I think you could be up for another transmission.


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