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Honda Jazz 2008: What's the difference between models?

What is the difference between the VTi 5D Hatchback GE (1.5) and VTi 5D Hatchback MY06 (1.5)?

There’s a bit of detail missing from your question, Peter, but I’ll take a stab in the dark and guess that you’re talking about the Honda Jazz city car. The MY06 Jazz was, in fact, known as the GD model, while the GE you’re comparing it with was released in 2008.

The GE was an all-new model Jazz, so fundamentally they’re entirely different cars. Yes, they share a similar mechanical specification and share a place in terms of their market segments, but beyond that, the GE is a newer design with better dynamics and superior safety levels.

If you can afford the later GE model, then it would definitely be a better car.