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Tesla owners sound the charge

The Tesla Model S has officially launched in Australia

Tesla buyers will finally get their cars after the first nine examples were handed over at a ceremony in Sydney last night.

Some have been waiting two years for the Model S, a battery-powered sedan, after putting down thousands in deposits and being given an original launch date of last year.

US spokeswoman Alexis Georgeson said most knew they would need to be patient. "Owners were aware they would be waiting but the product is compelling and they're willing to wait," she said.

Ms Georgeson said Australian buyers who ordered a car could expect it in March, in line with delivery times in the US. Local marketing chief Heath Walker said it was now full speed ahead for Tesla in Australia, with the brand's first retail centre opening in Sydney today and plans for a similar operation in Melbourne.

He said Tesla would build a network of stations to counter anxiety over battery range, mirroring similar setups in the US and Europe.

Superchargers take 20 minutes to deliver a 50 per cent recharge and the goal would be a station every 200km.

Walker said the Model S offered an unparalleled blend of technology, performance and zero-emission driving that would draw buyers away from traditional luxury brands.Prices for the Model S vary from state to state because of registration costs, but start at $101,408 in NSW for the 60kWh entry car, which gives a 345km range.