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Tesla Model S P85D 2015 review: Torquing Heads

Electric cars. We've known for years that they were coming, but we probably weren't expecting them to pop out of Silicon Valley rather than Detroit.

While there's now a number of electric car choices on the market, the daddy of them is without doubt the Tesla - after all, who do you want to buy your cars from? The guy you've never heard of or the guy who makes space rockets?

While making cars isn't rocket science, it's still hard. How good is the range? Can you live with this car like it's "normal"? We took a typical weekend afternoon trip, added some drama to it with a "secret mission" to deliver a "special package" to the Brooklyn Tuckshop and talked at length about the car's various qualities.

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Is the Tesla Model S an electric car you could live with? Let us know in the comments below.