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Still think electric vehicles are boring? The reborn Toyota Celica with 220kW and 1000km driving range will change your mind

The reborn Toyota Celica could be the world's sexiest EV (image:

While the incoming Toyota MR2 looks set to retain turbo-petrol power, the reborn Celica that will follow it will jump straight to solid-state battery tech, delivering impressive power outputs and a ridiculous driving range, according to new reports out of Japan.

The folks at Response – who also created the stunning render you see before you – are quoting sources that suggest the Celica is a go project, and will be based on the same EV architecture as the LF-ZC concept, which is slated for production in 2026.

That would align with recent reports that the MR2 will act as a petrol-powered send off to internal combustion, and will be powered by a version of the turbo-petrol engine from the GR Yaris and GR Corolla.

To follow – and to conclude the brand's "Three Brothers" strategy – would come the electric Celica, giving the Japanese giant an 86, MR2 and Celica line-up, or a MR2, Supra and Celica line-up.

According to Japanese media, the new Celica will be equipped with Toyota's sold-state battery technology, unlocking a driving range of up to 1000km between charges.

Its EV platform is already used by the Lexus LF-ZC, but also underpinned Toyota's FT-Se concept, unveiled at the Tokyo Mobility Show.

Reports suggest the new model will be built using Toyota new Gigacast process, designed to reduce complexity and cost in the manufacturing process. Essentially, the vehicle's body is moulded in a single piece.

The new Celica is also expected to be a rear- or all-wheel drive proposition, and to produce up to 220kW of EV grunt. It will also likely debut Toyota's virtual manual transmission – similar to the gearbox that appears in the Ioniq 5 N – to instil more driver fun.

Given the battery technology required, it's unlikely we'll see an electric Celica before 2026, but watch this space.