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Scott's TV career finds top gear

Not a big fan of cars but Scott McGregor landed an opportunity any car enthusiast would be jealous of.

After being a smiling model on quiz shows The Price Is Right and Temptation, McGregor has landed a gig hosting the Foxtel reality show, Blood, Sweat & Gears.

"It was always the next step," McGregor says. "I meet people saying they love Temptation, but it's so hard to get your personality across when you're just smiling in the background."

A graphic designer by trade, 26-year-old McGregor spent the past two-and-a-half years in Nine's Temptation family with Ed Phillips and Livinia Nixon.

McGregor admits he's not "the craziest car fan," but didn't hesitate when it came to auditioning for BS&G.

"To be honest, I got a phone call from one of the guys at Foxtel asking me if I would like to audition for it," he says. "I never knock back an audition, even if I don't think I'm suited to it."

He may not be a revhead, but the Aussies on the show certainly are.

"They're absolute nuts. It's like a religion to them. Since I have had the gig, I have had so many people come up to me and tell me a story about their cars," McGregor says.

The show pits seven guys and their beloved cars against each other.

The contestants are;

  • Andrew: Japanese Import (Nissan 200SX)
  • Andy: American Muscle(Chevy Corvette)
  • Dave: Classic Australian(Holden LJ Torana)
  • Dimitri: Classic Australian(Ford GT Falcon)
  • Dominic: Performance Rotary (Mazda RX7)
  • Jeremy: Australian Muscle (Holden Commodore VL HDT)
  • Mohamed: High Performance European (Ferrari 350 Modena)

Official judges are Ian Luff, a former race driver, and Nathan Luck, a motoring journalist. Each week, the revheads and the cars will be put through a series of tests. While the drivers will know who wins each stage, they never find out their placing on the leaderboard. McGregor says it adds to the tension.

"They don't know who is doing well and the challengers get a little angry and eaten up inside," he says.

"These guys think their car is the best. But they find out a few things about themselves as drivers - maybe they're not as good as they thought. I think it will get people into the show."

While McGregor is enjoying his debut as TV host, he is unused to seeing himself as a presenter.

"You're always your own biggest critic and it is still kind of strange when I see myself. But I love hearing feedback, even when it's bad. It makes you better at what you do."

* Blood, Sweat & Gears, Friday, Fox8, 8pm