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"I don't go to bed at night wanting a smaller LandCruiser": Rumoured Toyota LandCruiser FJ not on local arm's radar, says Toyota Australia VP

The much-rumoured baby LandCruiser is expected to be called the FJ, according to reports. (Image: Thanos Pappas)

Reports of a smaller variant of LandCruiser is under development in Japan have caused plenty of speculation in Australia, but the model isn’t currently on the cards according to a Toyota Australia executive.

The smaller off-road SUV is expected to be named LandCruiser FJ according to reports and would presumably slot in under the Prado in its 4WD line-up.

Toyota Australia recently trademarked the ‘LandCruiser FJ’ name, though the most recent word from the brand’s top brass is the trademark is just standard practice.

At the recent launch for the second generation Toyota C-HR, Toyota Australia Vice President Sales and Marketing Sean Hanley said he wasn’t aware of the recent trademark.

“There you go, told me something I didn’t even know,” Hanley told CarsGuide

“Doesn’t surprise me because we trademark a lot of things. We may at some point want to use it again but there’s nothing that I’m aware of.”

When pressed on whether he’s aware of a smaller version of the LandCruiser in the works, regardless of name, Hanley said it’s not on his radar, despite finding the FJ name appealing.

“I’m not aware of that product, but I’m not surprised. FJ is a great trademark, I’m glad we locked it down.”

Australian personnel remain tight-lipped, but there are plenty of details circulating from claimed insiders that suggest something in the vein of a smaller off-road SUV is being developed.

Detailed reports from Japan have flagged a sub-Fortuner sticker price for the ‘LandCruiser FJ’, with that translating to a potential starting price below $50,000.

At the recent launch for the second generation Toyota C-HR, Toyota Australia Vice President Sales and Marketing Sean Hanley said he wasn’t aware of the recent trademark.

BestCarWeb, a Japanese magazine with regularly reliable sources within Toyota, expects the LandCruiser FJ to be about the size of a Corolla Cross in an effort to be smaller and better suited to Japan.

Drivetrains are expected to consist of a choice between a 2.0-litre naturally aspirated four-cylinder and a 2.5-litre hybrid assisted engine as in the RAV4.

On the chances of anything like this being something Toyota Australia would put its hand up for if it became available, Hanley said he hypothetically wouldn’t rule it out.

“Look, it may [happen] in the future. Because you know… we're going through a great transition in the automotive industry. You never rule stuff out. 

“Is there a product plan for it that I'm aware of in Australia? No.”

Hanley also admitted his personal thoughts regarding Toyota Australia’s product are irrelevant when it comes to future plans, saying market demand is the only factor that really matters.

“I don't go to bed at night wanting a smaller LandCruiser, no, but what I want and what others want can be quite apart so, if the market wants it, doesn't matter what I want.”

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