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HSV slashes Clubsport and Maloo prices

Take $10,000 off the price of limited edition sedans as the LS3 V8 gets one last blast.

Holden Special Vehicles has slashed the price of its Clubsport and Maloo line-up as it clears the last of its LS3 V8s.

The trusty 6.2-litre V8 was benched for six months while HSV diverted production to the supercharged “LSA” powered Clubsport and Maloo models introduced in late 2015.

But the LS3 is back for one last hurrah with a super sharp price.

The Maloo R8 SV Black Edition ute starts at $62,990 -- $7000 off the same 340kW LS3-powered pick-up from a year ago. The last time a Maloo was this price was in 2009.


The Clubsport R8 SV Black edition starts from $65,990 -- $10,000 off the same 340kW LS3-powered sedan from a year ago. The last time a Clubsport of any sort was this price was in 2008.


HSV will also build a special Track Edition of the Clubsport R8 -- priced from $68,990 plus on-road costs -- that comes with VF Series I GTS wheels, six-piston front brakes and newly developed sports suspension.

The limited edition models get all of the fruit of the previous R8 models with one notable exception: they do not get the high series sports seats.

Instead they come with the same seats fitted to the Holden Commodore SV6 and SS models.

This is part of the reason behind the price cuts as the bespoke HSV seats are said to add considerable cost to the cars.

Not all limited edition models are cheaper: the HSV Grange price goes up $1000 to $86,990 plus on-roads.


HSV will build 350 Clubsport sedan and 100 Maloo ute Black Editions from late June onwards, while 150 Track Editions and 50 Granges will go into production from September.

All HSV LS3-powered cars must be built before November 1, when new emissions standards come into force in Australia.

However, the same LS3 V8 used in the Holden Commodore SS (but with less power: 304kW versus the HSV’s 340kW) has been tuned to meet the new emissions standards and so will continue to be sold into 2017, right up to the end of production in Elizabeth late in the year.

Holden remains tight-lipped about what limited edition models are planned for the rest of the Commodore range in 2017, but CarsGuide understands there will be no changes to power or performance in the V6 or V8 and the differences will be mainly cosmetic.

Joshua Dowling
National Motoring Editor
Joshua Dowling was formerly the National Motoring Editor of News Corp Australia. An automotive expert, Dowling has decades of experience as a motoring journalist, where he specialises in industry news.
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