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2015 HSV Clubsport Tourer LSA is the fastest Aussie wagon ever

A homegrown family wagon that’s faster than a Porsche? It’s all yours … for $90,000.

The fastest and most powerful family wagon ever made in Australia goes on sale today.

There is just one catch. At close to $90,000 on the road, it is also the most expensive locally-made family chariot.

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Holden’s performance-car partner Holden Special Vehicles has fitted a supercharged V8 -- previously found in muscle cars in the US -- to its latest Clubsport wagon.

With 400kW of power it can reach 100km/h from a standstill in just 4.8 seconds, faster than most Porsches.

The car also has detailed maps of every race track in Australia built into its navigation system, to accurately measure lap times for anyone who does weekend track days.

By contrast, three decades ago Holden buyers used to get excited about a limited edition “Vacationer” version of the Commodore wagon -- complete with sun blinds -- to clear runout stock.

Holden is emptying out the big guns because production at the Elizabeth assembly line near Adelaide is due to come to an end less than two years from now, and General Motors executives have confirmed there will not be a V8 version of future Commodores.

V8s have climbed to more than a third of all Commodore sales as enthusiasts buy one before it’s too late.

But some are holding back in the belief that there may be more power around the corner.

However, given the high cost of developing engines to meet new emissions standards, and the countdown to the end of production, it is unlikely there is any more power left up Holden’s sleeve.