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Audi TT to be reborn as four-door performance coupe: reports

International reports claim the four-door coupe could be on the road within two years

Audi's iconic TT will be reborn as a four-door performance coupe, with the all-new model to debut within two years, according to international reports.

UK outlet Auto Express is reporting that the project has been approved at the highest levels at Audi, and is expected to arrive before 2021.

It's not the first time Audi has flirted with stretching the two-door TT into a more practical coupe, with the German brand unveiling a TT Sportback concept at the Paris Auto Show in 2014. And while it will have taken some six years, that vision is about to become a reality.

The change is thought to be inspired by the brand sensing a bigger sales opportunity with a bigger car, with the market for the two-door TT and TT Roadster too small to justify an all-new model.

The change would mark the debut of the fourth generation of the TT, which was originally launched back in 1998. It is understood the four-door model would serve as a replacement for the two-door car, rather than sit alongside it in the line-up.

"If you set falling demand against rising costs, it’s obvious Audi cannot sustain its present course in the medium term. Instead, there has been intensive consideration of the coupe and the convertible in the compact segment,” a high-ranking Audi executive told the UK publication.

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