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Audi e-tron GT concept 2020: Tesla-fighting EV set for LA

Audi's Tesla Model S rival will be revealed in LA.

Audi will finally whip the covers off its Tesla Model S rival, unveiling the long-teased e-tron GT concept at the LA Auto Show next week.

Details remain super thin on the ground for now, but we do know that Audi is promising its e-tron GT concept will bring "all-electric innovation to the Audi Sport performance line-up".

And it should prove a concept in name only, with the actual e-tron GT expected to hit dealerships in 2020. It means we'd expect whatever is unveiled in Los Angeles to be very close to the final production version.

As we've reported previously, the e-tron GT has been developed with Porsche, and is expected to use the incoming Taycan's platform. And like the e-tron SUV, we'd expect a similar high-tech charging capacity, allowing for DC fast charging which unlocks 80 per cent capacity in just 30 minutes, though some reports suggest Audi is targeting an even faster 12 minutes for the GT version.

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