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2023 Audi A6 detailed: Tesla Model S-rivalling all-electric e-tron grade tipped to hit production soon

The Audi A6 e-tron has been revealed at the 2021 Shanghai motor show.

Audi has ripped the covers off its A6 e-tron concept, which previews a production all-electric large sedan designed to take the fight right to the Tesla Model S.

The second Audi model to be built on the ‘Premium Platform Electric’ (PPE) following confirmation of the Q6 e-tron, the A6 e-tron concept features a battery module between the axle rated at around 100kWh, enabling a driving range of more than 700km as tested on WLTP standards.

With two electric motors on board, the A6 e-tron concept outputs 350kW/800Nm to all four wheels for a zero-to-100km/h acceleration time of under four seconds.

Audi is also promising that the technology is scalable, and could be offered with a single electric motor and less driving range in some production variants.

With 800-volt charging available, like the e-tron GT, the A6 e-tron can recoup more than 300km of driving range after just 10 minutes of plug-in time, and key to the extended driving range is a low drag co-efficient of 0.22.

Measuring 4.96m long, 1.96m wide and 1.44m tall, the A6 e-tron lines up perfectly against the similarly-sized Tesla Model S, and with a Sportback bodystyle, boot space and practicality are also expected to be high once the model hits production.

The exterior is characterised by 22-inch wheels and short overhands, but the A6’s sleek and slender silhouette has carried over to the e-tron variant.

Coloured in ‘Heliosilver’ designed to “reflect a significant percentage of the thermal radiation in sunlight”, according to Audi, to keep the interior cooler in the summer.

Matrix LED headlights are also fitted to the front, which also double as a projector to allow occupants to play games while they wait for their car to recharge.

At the rear, a car-wide OLED screen is used for the lighting element, which Audi promises still has the same luminosity as a traditional tail-lights, and can be customised depending on personal taste.

Six projectors – three on each side – are also fitted to the A6 that can display images on the ground when doors are opened, accompanied customisable messages, while four extra high-resolution projectors are also fitted to the corners of the A6 e-tron to cast images like turn signalling on the road for pedestrians and other road users.

Interior details are yet to be shown for the A6 e-tron concept.

Audi’s first PPE vehicle, the Q6 e-tron, will hit production in the second half of 2022, with the A6 e-tron expected to follow soon thereafter, putting its potential Australian arrival into at least early 2023.