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10 July 2017

Five Porsche Design products that'll make you scratch your head

By Tom WhiteTom White
I am an ornament, hear me roar.

Porsche Design is the somewhat-related-to-actual-Porsche spin-off that uses its branding to justify some... rather interesting products.

Usually the brand sticks to fashion items, from actually pretty decent looking sunnies, to 'driving gloves' and other, loosely automotive related apparel.

Sometimes the design brief gets... artistically and conceptually out of hand - here are just five of the most ridiculous Porsche Design products.

Porsche Design BlackBerry Bold 9900

The smartphone of the future... The smartphone of the future...

Looking like a Q-branch gadget out of 1998's Tomorrow Never Dies (y'know super anglular CYBER TECHNOLOGY STUFF) this phone is actually not that special at all. It has all the regular capabilities of a BlackBerry Bold 9900 but comes in an all-aluminium case, to cut down those 0-100 times. Of course, the Porsche design logo features prominently, so in every buisiness meeting you'll have the safety of knowing you're the coolest guy in the boardroom.

Porsche Design AOC PDS

The perfect place for your Porsche desktop background. The perfect place for your Porsche desktop background.

Taiwanese brand AOC gets a PDK, wait no, PDS upgrade... Although, admittedly this one is pretty neat. You see, that small arm holding the monitor up might look a little flimsy, but that's because all of the weight has been taken out of this screen and put in a seperate box. This includes all the power converter, connections and circuitry. So hey, if you're one of those people who is obsessive about desk space, this montitor might actually be thereputic.

Porsche Design 911 Soundbar

Buyers also looked at - Engine block coffee table. Buyers also looked at - Engine block coffee table.

How do you picture a soundbar? Sleek bar of delicious premium audio, designed to sit out of the way, fitting snugly underneath your TV while replacing the fuss of a home cinema set? Wrong, idiot.

If you're a huge Porsche fan, a sound bar should, of course, include AU$4k worth of geniune OEM Porsche 911 GT3 exhaust parts and not fit anywhere. This will not only prove your dedication to a superior breed of sportscar, but it will also impress your friends... It will impress your friends.

Porsche Design LaserFlex ballpoint pen

Regular Bics are for non-Porsche owners anyway. Regular Bics are for non-Porsche owners anyway.

You're a cool guy. Everyone in the office knows it. After all, a few years ago you had that bad-ass Porsche Blackberry, and you managed to convince some of your co-workers that the second-hand 996 you bought would be a 'great investment'. It's been a few years since then though and you're just so tired of regular Bic ballpoints that even the interns use. Time to set yourself apart, time to write things down with a true statement of design and Porsche philosophy. This product is for you. 

The Porsche design LaserFlex ballpoint is a few things. It's a nice looking pen, it costs AU$433 and the whole thing was sculpted with friggin-lasers, including all of those little slots that give it superior grip. Maybe you're a little less 007 and a little more supervillain at this point though...

Porsche Design P'3600 series pipes

Buyers also looked at - Tweed Jacket, corduroy trousers. Buyers also looked at - Tweed Jacket, corduroy trousers.

Is this the ultimate Porsche product? We think so, it's just so ridiculous, especially when you read some of the excerpts from the product's PDF. Apparently this is a very special pipe. Those ribs cut into the top? They aren't for superior grip, they are for 'better cooling'. Yeah. This is a pipe with a damn heat-sink.

This is a statment on its own, if you're the kind of guy who buys this, you don't need to tell people you own a Porsche they'll just assume you're driven around in a Bentley instead. The cost? Around AU$300. Maybe just don't smoke it while you drive.

What should Porsche Design move into next? Tell us what you think in the comments.