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17 March 2020

Be mesmerised by this Porsche engine time lapse build

By Joel StricklandJoel Strickland

Engine building is a science in its own and isn’t always something we get to see broken down into fine detail. 

But thanks to the team at Höing Motoren we now can. 

Hailing from Hamburg in Germany, the company specialises in tailor made Porsche 911 engines as well as Boxer units.

The team has created this amazing time lapse build of one of its conversions of a Porsche 2.0-litre engine to a larger 2.5 SRT. 

It’s pretty cool to watch and see exactly what a specialist build entails.

 Also, keep an eye out for an interesting cameo during the video.

Joel Strickland love all things automotive, you can follow him online @joelstrickphoto on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.