Nissan Navara 2019 Problems

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Nissan Navara 2019: Accelerator failure code

Answered by CarsGuide 4 May 2020

This is sounding like one for Consumer Affairs, to be honest. Clearly, the vehicle is not safe to be driven in its current condition (for a variety of reasons) so I think Nissan should come to the party and at least offer you a replacement vehicle until your is fixed. And if your vehicle can’t be fixed, I don’t think the option of a replacement vehicle or a full refund should be out of the question.

The factory warranty is there to protect you, but in cases like this where the problems can’t be resolved in a timely manner, the warranty isn’t worth much at all.

Check out and follow the links to the section on cars. It would also be worth informing your dealership that you’re about to get serious; it might make things happen a bit faster.

By the way, PO226 is a generic fault code (not specific to Nissan or this model Navara) and relates to a fault in the range or operation of the throttle-pedal position switch. But your other problems including the Bluetooth and reversing camera failure all point to a bigger electrical problem. Has the vehicle’s body computer been checked?

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Nissan Navara 2019: Infotainment system not working since July upgrade

Answered by CarsGuide 4 Jan 2020

Nissan made a big song and dance about the new infotainment system on its 2019 Navara, and rightly so, because the vehicle had been off the pace in this regard compared with its major competitors. The changes included the inclusion of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, but also included full smart-phone mirroring.

None of which is much use to you, Dom, because if the system won’t connect to your phone without dropping out, it’s a moot point, yes? I’d be straight back to the dealer to have it sorted out. The computer that controls the infotainment might need a re-boot or maybe there’s a more fundamental problem. Either way, Nissan’s factory warranty should cover this.

But before you do that, try one thing: Pair the car with a different phone just to rule out the possibility that it’s your phone that the upgraded system doesn’t like. 

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Nissan Navara: Do you recommend this ute?

Answered by CarsGuide 15 Mar 2019

The Navara would seem to fit your requirements, there’s no reason not to go for it. Another one would be the Toyota HiLux.

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