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Nissan Navara 2019: Accelerator failure code

I'm having issues with brake/accelerator failure code P0226 on my 2019 Nissan Navara. The accelerator stops working completely or feels like it disengages, loses power then kicks in again intermittently. Ten times this car has been back for this major fault and there’s been no replacement or refund. The dealership has replaced the accelerator pedal three times, the battery and the wiring loom. I have other electrical issues like the audio unit not loading Bluetooth, freezing, black screen, or taking over 10 minutes to load. The replacement audio unit now has a black screen instead of reverse camera, while the Bluetooth is now making it impossible for people to understand me. What do I do next?

This is sounding like one for Consumer Affairs, to be honest. Clearly, the vehicle is not safe to be driven in its current condition (for a variety of reasons) so I think Nissan should come to the party and at least offer you a replacement vehicle until your is fixed. And if your vehicle can’t be fixed, I don’t think the option of a replacement vehicle or a full refund should be out of the question.

The factory warranty is there to protect you, but in cases like this where the problems can’t be resolved in a timely manner, the warranty isn’t worth much at all.

Check out and follow the links to the section on cars. It would also be worth informing your dealership that you’re about to get serious; it might make things happen a bit faster.

By the way, PO226 is a generic fault code (not specific to Nissan or this model Navara) and relates to a fault in the range or operation of the throttle-pedal position switch. But your other problems including the Bluetooth and reversing camera failure all point to a bigger electrical problem. Has the vehicle’s body computer been checked?