Nissan Navara Engine Problems

Why has my 2011 Nissan Navara lost most of its engine power?

Answered by CarsGuide 28 Oct 2020

This model Navara was known for a couple of faults that could cause it to enter limp-home mode (which sounds like what’s happened given the engine is no longer making full power). The first was a batch of dud exhaust-gas temperature sensors which had a habit of dying young. If that happened, the engine would go into limp-home mode to avoid overheating (and damaging) the turbocharger, even though there was no actual problem beyond the sensor itself.

The other problem with the 2.5-litre turbo-diesel was that the primary timing chain was a single-row item that was, frankly, underdone and could stretch before the vehicle had covered even 80,000km. If that happened, the camshaft-position sensor would become confused and could trigger a limp-home condition. There’s a replacement timing chain that is actually double-row (stronger) that many owners fit as a solution.

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Nissan Navara 2010: Why is the engine light coming on?

Answered by CarsGuide 13 Jun 2020

There are literally dozens of things that can make a check-engine light illuminate, Kathleen. A faulty sensor, dud component, bad or dirty fuel, a vacuum leak, you name it, even the smallest glitch can cause the dreaded check-engine light to ruin your day.

The best advice is to take the car back to the workshop that serviced it and ask if, perhaps, the mechanic forgot to tighten or reset something properly. An interrogation by the workshop’s computer should throw up any fault codes present and from there, the workshop should be able to figure out the actual problem. It could be a coincidence, but, equally, it could be a simple thing the workshop has overlooked or forgotten to reset during the service.

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Nissan Navara 2011: Why does it go into limp mode?

Answered by CarsGuide 8 Feb 2020

As with any other problems like this one, Terry, the best advice is to have the car plugged in to a scanner and have a diagnostic mechanic read the fault codes which will hopefully give an idea of the cause of the limp-home mode and unresponsive throttle pedal. It could be something simple, it may be something really intrinsic, but without a scan, you’re flying blind.

The oil in the intercooler, meanwhile, is a potentially big problem. A little oil inside the intercooler piping is actually quite normal and is usually the result of oil mist from the crankcase ventilation system condensing and leaving a little oily residue. But a large amount of oil in the intercooler suggests a turbocharger with leaking seals and/or bearings. If the seals are leaking, boost pressure from the turbocharger can force oil from the turbo’s bearing into the intercooler. If that’s the case, you’re looking at a rebuilt or new turbocharger unit. A blown turbo could also be enough to prompt the limp-home mode you’re experiencing.

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Nissan Navara 2005: Oil change

Answered by CarsGuide 18 Jan 2019

You need to get the air out of the system by pressing the priming valve, which is a big button on top of the fuel filter housing. You’ll have to do it up to 50 times or so, slowly, once every two seconds. If it doesn’t start then, prime it again.

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Nissan Navara ST-X 550 2011: How to fix oil leak?

Answered by CarsGuide 5 Oct 2018

The chances are it will get worse, and leaving it is likely to make the repair more expensive when you finally have to do it. Find out what is causing it and fix it.

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Nissan Navara 2014: Oil leak

Answered by CarsGuide 30 Mar 2018

There’s no rule about when cars should or shouldn’t need repair. That Nissan has offered you a deal to cover half the cost of a replacement turbocharger is tantamount to an admission that the turbocharger shouldn’t have failed at that distance. If you feel that Nissan’s offer isn’t up to scratch take them to VCAT.

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Nissan Navara 2007: Random engine misfire

Answered by CarsGuide 12 Jan 2018

The car’s electronic brain has observed some issue with the engine. Take it to a dealer or a mechanic with diagnostic gear and they should be able to isolate the cause and fix the problem.

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Nissan Navara 2004: Power loss

Answered by CarsGuide 8 Jan 2018

Get it to a diesel mechanic, but if you can’t check the fuel pump.

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Nissan Navara 2016: Sump leak

Answered by CarsGuide 22 Dec 2017

Unless it’s a massive leak that drains the oil from the engine, which is most unlikely, it won’t affect the engine.

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Nissan Navara 2010: Knocking noise in engine

Answered by CarsGuide 3 Jun 2016

It would be nice to think that carmakers would own up to problems with their cars, but they always seem reluctant to do so, and our consumer laws are so pathetic that there's no incentive for them to do so. I would take the car to one of the diesel mechanics you refer to and have it repaired by them. I would expect they would be less expensive than the dealer.

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