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Hyundai Iload
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Hyundai Iload Pricing and Specs

2022 price from

The Hyundai iLoad is available from $39,680 to $44,890 for the 2022 range of models in Commercial and Other body types.

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Year Price From Price To
2022 $39,680 $44,890
2021 $29,700 $45,650
2020 $27,400 $41,030
2019 $25,100 $39,930
2018 $20,800 $44,110
2017 $17,500 $35,090
2016 $15,200 $31,570
2015 $13,200 $27,060
2014 $12,200 $25,410
2013 $11,300 $22,000
2012 $10,100 $20,350
2011 $9,300 $18,260
2010 $8,100 $16,280
2009 $7,500 $15,180
2008 $7,200 $14,520

Hyundai iLoad FAQs

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  • Hyundai iLoad 2015: Common problems?

    The iLoad was plagued with turbocharger problems, but that was put down to inadequate servicing. It was determine that more frequent oil changes were needed to avoid the problem. Check the car you’re looking at to make it has been regularly serviced, and preferably every 10,000 km at the maximum, not the 15,000 km that was recommended.

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  • Hyundai iLoad: Do the turbochargers 'blow up'?

    The problem was caused by sludge building up in the oil and starving the engine and turbocharger of oil. It was recommended that oil changes should be done much more frequently than the recommended 15,000 km/12 months to keep the oil fresh and clean.

    Buy the latest model you can afford and have it serviced every 5000-7000 km. Do that and you should have a good run.

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  • Hyundai iLoad: Should I buy an example with 200,000 km?

    There are no major problems to be concerned about, the iLoad is generally sound, but the vehicle you are thinking of buying has done 200,000 km in three years. That would suggest it has been used as a delivery vehicle, so look closely at its history and the possibility that it has had a hard life. Before doing anything make sure it has been regularly serviced. Given regular servicing there is no reason the iLoad won’t do 400,000 km.

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