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2022 Ford Puma
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2022 Ford Puma Pricing and Specs


The Ford Puma 2022 prices range from $29,990 for the basic trim level SUV Puma (base) to $35,890 for the top of the range SUV Puma ST-Line V.

The Ford Puma 2022 is available in Premium Unleaded Petrol.

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Ford Puma Models SPECS PRICE
(base) 1.0LPremium Unleaded Petrol7 speed automatic $30,340
(base) 1.0LPremium Unleaded Petrol7 speed automatic $29,990
ST-Line 1.0LPremium Unleaded Petrol7 speed automatic $32,690
ST-Line 1.0LPremium Unleaded Petrol7 speed automatic $32,340
ST-Line V 1.0LPremium Unleaded Petrol7 speed automatic $35,890
ST-Line V 1.0LPremium Unleaded Petrol7 speed automatic $35,540

Ford Puma 2022 FAQs

Check out real-world situations relating to the Ford here, particularly what our experts have to say about them.

  • I wanted to get your advice on an older cheap car for around $5-7K. Do you have any recommendations?

    It’s a bit hard to go past an older Holden Commodore or Ford Falcon for this brief. That said, your towing requirement means you’d be best looking at something like an AU (1998 to 2003) Falcon Ute (assuming you only need to move one other person).

    These are strong, simple cars that any mechanic can deal with and parts are plentiful and relatively cheap. There are other options (older Japanese dual-cabs) but nothing really gets close to the Aussie stuff for durability and running costs. An elderly Nissan Navara, for instance, might do the job but is likely to become fragile as it ages. A two-wheel-drive Toyota HiLux is another possibility, but you’d probably be right at the limit of your towing capacity with one of those. The Falcon ute, meanwhile, can legally tow 2300kg. It’s not glamorous or sexy, but it’ll do the job and stay on target price-wise.

    The other obvious contender would be an early Mitsubishi Pajero with a V6 engine. These had a towing capacity of 2500kg and are around now for very little money, certainly within your budget. They also double as a very handy off-roader should you wish.

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  • Does the Ford Territory have a cam-belt driven?

    The engine in your Territory uses a rubber timing belt which the trade recommends be changed every 100,000km. However, it’s not that simple. This engine also uses a second toothed rubber belt to drive the high-pressure fuel pump critical to the operation of a modern, common-rail diesel engine.

    This second belt is located at the other end of the engine, between the engine and firewall, and the recommendation is also to change this belt at the same, 100,000km, interval.

    Many owners also find the timing-belt change-point is a good time to change the water pump and thermostat at the same time to avoid disassembling the engine a second time should those components fail.

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  • What van should I get to build a camper van?

    Mitsubishi’s L300 Express was available as a four-wheel-drive model way back in the 1980s (83 to 86) and was a very popular van to convert for camping thanks to that all-wheel-drive grip that allowed it to tackle rough roads with little problem. After 1986, a few of the later model Express 4WD vans (often badged Delica) made it into Australia as private imports, and there are a few of them around now to choose from.

    The requirement to be able to stand up inside the vehicle will limit your choices a little, but popular vans like the Toyota HiAce, Ford Transit and Mercedes-Benz Vito were available in a high-roof configuration. Even though they lacked all-wheel-drive, generally rugged construction means they should cope with dirt roads pretty well. They just won’t have the grip for off-road work.

    As with any second-hand commercial vehicle, try to find out what it did in its previous life. A van that has been used for hard labour might well be worn out. And don’t forget, nobody bought these things new for anything other than a working life.

    If, on the other hand, you’re shipping for a brand-new van, there are plenty of options from Ford, Mercedes, Peugeot, Fiat, Toyota and more. The vast majority of them use a turbo-diesel engine so will be quite economical and many also offer an automatic transmission for ease of driving. Choose the one that suits your intended layout best in terms of side and rear doors and the ability to climb from the front seat into the van area without leaving the vehicle (some have cargo barriers that will prevent this).

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