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Hyundai ix35

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Hyundai introduced the ix35 in 2010, retiring the Tucson name in favour of the Eurocentric, number-based system.

These days, however, Hyundai has moved back the to Tucson name for the new, larger model. The ix35 is a mid-sized SUV, delivering a combination of city- and family-friendly packaging, just enough off-road ability, and traditional Hyundai value. With trim levels ranging from the $13,390 IX35 Active (fwd) to the $25,990 IX35 Highlander (awd), the ix35 was available with a choice of petrol and diesel engines, manual and automatic gearboxes and two or four-wheel drive.

Hyundai ix35 Q&As

Check out real-world situations relating to the Hyundai ix35 here, particularly what our experts have to say about them.

  • Does the Hyundai iX35 engine have any issues?

    Hyundai’s Theta 2 family of engines does, indeed, have a pretty chequered track record for reliability. But it’s important to note that the majority of vehicles affected have been US-market cars with engines built in a different factory to the cars supplied to Hyundai Australia. For the record, the North American cars in question experienced debris from the engine machining process blocking the oil passages inside the engine, leading to bearing failure. In some cases, the engine failure resulted in a roadside fire.

    Even though our iX35s were built in South Korea rather than North America, there’s still a chance the same problem could crop up here given that engineering materials and techniques tend to be standardised across all factories in the name of efficiency.

    As you point out, your car is now out of warranty, but I wouldn’t leave it at that. I’d be talking to Hyundai’s customer service department with a view to at least getting some assistance in having the car fixed if, indeed, it was a manufacturing fault that caused the engine failure. I’d also be pointing out that 80,000km is not a realistic life expectancy for a modern engine. To get anywhere with this approach, you’ll need to be able to show that the car has been serviced by the book and (probably) that the failure was due to a loss of oil pressure that led to bearing failure.

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  • Hyundai i35 - Did this model ever exist?

    The answer is no, but Hyundai's naming policy was very confusing during the 2010s.

    The original i30 of 2007 introduced the alphanumerical naming policy and signified a different approach to vehicle engineering, with a European focus with higher-quality engineering rather than a low price to take on class leaders like on the Volkswagen Golf.

    Thus 'i' something became a sort of premium nomenclature, and of course is still used to denote this on models like the i30 and Europe's i10 and i20 small cars There was also the German-engineered i40 midsized sedan and wagon until 2018.

    But here's where Hyundai muddied its own waters.

    In 2010 the larger, American-market Sonata was rebadged i45 for Australia and New Zealand – even though an 'x' and a '5' rather than a '0' meant crossover or SUV, as illustrated by the very popular second-generation Tucson being renamed ix35 in Australia and some other markets from 2009 to 2015 – though this naming policy was abandoned for the third-generation Tucson from 2015. While strikingly styled, there was nothing European about the i45, and it too returned to being badged Sonata from 2015.

    So... i10, 120, i30, i40 and i45 for Australia, but no i35.

    Thank you.

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  • What are the towing specs of a 2013 Hyundai iX35?

    Finding critical safety information like this online can be fraught with danger. There are simply too many self-appointed geniuses out there who have little to no idea of what they’re talking about. Other times, you’ll be unwittingly reading about a vehicle specification from overseas that isn’t relevant to us, even though the badge is the same. And getting a bum steer on something like towing limits has awful potential consequences. Stick with websites like CarsGuide that you can trust.

    On that basis, the Hyundai iX35 in question has a towing capacity of 750kg for an unbraked trailer and a 1600kg limit for a braked load. The tow-ball down-load limit is 140kg, the Gross Vehicle Mass is 2170kg and the Gross Combination Mass (the vehicle, trailer and all its occupants and luggage) is 3770kg. And just to cover all the bases, the factory roof-rack has a 100kg limit.

    Checked against your choice of camper-trailer, you’ll find that the electrically-braked Road Trotter camper has a tare mass of 1090kg and can be loaded to a combined trailer-and-luggage weight of 1500kg. Its tow-ball download figure of 90kg is within the Hyundai’s capacity as well.

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  • What engine replacement will work in my 2015 Hyundai iX35?

    Anything can be made to work if you throw enough money at it, but the short answer, Bassel, is no. For the 2014 model year, Hyundai upgraded the petrol engines in the iX35, and the two-litre unit in your car received a direct-injection fuel system. While the basic engine architecture might be the same and the engine would probably physically bolt in, it’s almost certain that the computer in your car would be incapable of controlling the direct fuel-injection function. Your car is also probably missing components such as wiring, a high-pressure fuel pump and sensors required to make the newer engine operate.

    You could also run afoul of the authorities because the earlier engine you want to use had a (slightly) higher tailpipe emissions rating. Our regulators take a fairly dim view of a vehicle being modified and going backwards on emissions.

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Hyundai ix35 Models Price and Specs

The price range for the Hyundai ix35 varies based on the trim level you choose. Starting at $11,500 and going to $22,990 for the latest year the model was manufactured. The model range is available in the following body types starting from the engine/transmission specs shown below.

Year Body Type Specs Price from Price to
2015 SUV 2.0L, ULP, 6 SP MAN $11,500 $22,990
2014 SUV 2.0L, ULP, 6 SP MAN $10,100 $21,340
2013 SUV 2.0L, ULP, 6 SP MAN $9,400 $19,800
2012 SUV 2.0L, ULP, 5 SP MAN $7,900 $18,370
2011 SUV 2.0L, ULP, 5 SP MAN $7,300 $16,170
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Hyundai ix35 Towing Capacity

The Hyundai ix35 has maximum towing capacity of 1600kg for the latest model available.

Year Body Type Braked Capacity from Braked Capacity to
2015 SUV 1600kg 1600kg
2014 SUV 1600kg 1600kg
2013 SUV 1600kg 1600kg
2012 SUV 1600kg 1600kg
2011 SUV 1600kg 1600kg
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Hyundai ix35 Dimensions

The dimensions of the Hyundai ix35 SUV vary according to year of manufacture and spec level.

Year Body Type Height x Width x Length Ground Clearance
2015 SUV 1650x1820x4410 mm 165 mm
2014 SUV 1650x1820x4410 mm 165 mm
2013 SUV 1655x1820x4410 mm 170 mm
2012 SUV 1655x1820x4410 mm 170 mm
2011 SUV 1655x1820x4410 mm 170 mm
The dimensions shown above are for the base model. See All Hyundai ix35 Dimensions

Hyundai ix35 Fuel Consumption

The Hyundai ix35 is available in a number of variants and body types that are powered by Diesel and ULP fuel type(s). It has an estimated fuel consumption starting from 7.2L/100km for SUV /Diesel for the latest year the model was manufactured.

Year Body Type Fuel Consumption* Engine Fuel Type Transmission
2015 SUV 7.2L/100km 2.0L Diesel 6 SP AUTO
2015 SUV 8.2L/100km 2.0L ULP 6 SP MAN
2014 SUV 7.2L/100km 2.0L Diesel 6 SP AUTO
2014 SUV 8.2L/100km 2.0L ULP 6 SP MAN
2013 SUV 7.5L/100km 2.0L Diesel 6 SP AUTO
2013 SUV 8.5L/100km 2.0L ULP 5 SP MAN
2012 SUV 7.5L/100km 2.0L Diesel 6 SP AUTO
2012 SUV 8.5L/100km 2.0L ULP 5 SP MAN
2011 SUV 7.5L/100km 2.0L Diesel 6 SP AUTO
2011 SUV 8.5L/100km 2.0L ULP 5 SP MAN
* Combined fuel consumption See All Hyundai ix35 Pricing and Specs for 2015

Hyundai ix35 Wheel Size

The Hyundai ix35 has a number of different wheel and tyre options. When it comes to tyres, these range from 225x60 R17 for SUV in 2015 with a wheel size that spans from 17x6.5 inches.

Year Body Type Front Tyre Size Front Rim Rear Tyre Size Rear Rim
2015 SUV 225x60 R17 17x6.5 inches 225x60 R17 17x6.5 inches
2014 SUV 225x60 R17 17x6.5 inches 225x60 R17 17x6.5 inches
2013 SUV 225x60 R17 17x6.5 inches 225x60 R17 17x6.5 inches
2012 SUV 225x60 R17 17x6.5 inches 225x60 R17 17x6.5 inches
2011 SUV 225x60 R17 17x6.5 inches 225x60 R17 17x6.5 inches
The dimensions shown above are for the base model. See All Hyundai ix35 Wheel Sizes

Hyundai ix35 Interior

For its time, the Hyundai ix35 offered an impressive interior. The dashboard was nicely sculpted, there were good trim options available including leather on top-grade versions, and the space was good for its size. See it for yourself in these images.

Shown above are interior details for the Hyundai ix35 2014.