Tim Robson road tests and reviews the 2016 Renault Koleos with specs, fuel consumption and verdict at its Australian launch.

Fashion is a fickle thing... and it's something that the car industry is singularly ill-equipped to react quickly to. In an era where a trend can come and go in months, a car manufacturer has to think in terms of five- to eight-year lifecycles.

The move towards SUVs gives a good example of how picking a trend can pay dividends – and how missing the boat can be game-changing. Toyota picked the trend with its RAV4, for example, while Holden read the tea leaves completely wrong, leaving it with a product line dominated by large sedans that people were moving away from.

While Renault didn't miss the bus completely, it's had to soldier on with the mid-size Koleos for eight years now, which is two lifetimes in the car game. Thankfully, its alliance with Nissan has allowed it to jump right to the front of the queue with the gen-two version.