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Used Peugeot 207 review: 2007-2010

The 207 replaced the 206 as Peugeot's baby car in 2007, and like many new models tend to do it had grown.


The 207 replaced the 206 as Peugeot's baby car in 2007, and like many new models tend to do it had grown. Compared to the outgoing 206 it was longer and heavier, with a longer wheelbase and wider track, but still fitted into the Light Car market at the top end with a large range of models that offered something for everyone.

Included in the range were a cabriolet and a drop-top coupe with a folding steel roof, but they are really a more specific purchase and will be dealt with in a separate column later. The bidding opened with the budget-priced three-door XR hatch at under $20,000 and climbed to almost double that by the time you reached the CC peak.

For most it was the practical 5-door XT hatch that was the most appealing, and there was the option of a turbo-diesel engine for those wanting to save money on their fuel costs. For the most part Peugeot styling is attractive, rarely does the company produce a car that challenges the senses, and the 207 fitted the mould nicely.

There was a surprisingly large choice of engines on offer, starting with a 55 kW 1.4-litre single overhead camshaft unit that powered the entry level three-door. Added to that there was a peppier 65 kW double overhead camshaft 1.4-litre, a tractable 1.6-litre four, a sizzling turbocharged 1.6, and a 1.6-litre turbo-diesel. Unfortunately, all except the diesel require Premium unleaded.

Transmission options were a four-speed automatic and a five-speed manual, and the final drive was handled by the front wheels. The cabin was airy, comfortable and reasonably roomy for a small car. Those in the front were well accommodated, but those in the rear would have felt a little cramped, but in all reality the rears eats would only be used occasionally. On the road felt solid and comfortable, it handled with aplomb and was a delight to drive.


The earliest 207s are now six years old, and on average would have racked up 100,000-plus kays and that demands care when choosing a used example. The first box to tick is the service record. This should tell you that a car has been serviced, when and by whom. Servicing should have been regular, according to the book, and carried out by someone familiar with the make and model.

That obviously means a dealer, or a recognised Peugeot specialist mechanic. There are a number of well-qualified mechanics around who do know the brand well and are equipped to take care of your chosen car. The advantage of using a mechanic familiar with the brand is that they are usually more knowledgeable when working on your car and better able to spot a problem when it exists than someone who doesn't know what they're looking at.

A specialist mechanic will often be able to access more affordable parts, even from overseas via the Internet, and save their customers heaps of money of servicing and repairs. It can also be worth having an expert check your chosen car out before you actually buy it.

Make a visual inspection of the car looking for any signs of abuse, bangs and bumps on the exterior panels, scrapes and scratches on the wheels and blotches and stains on the paint. Also check inside, looking for wear on the floor coverings and seats, and make sure everything, like windows, door locks, sound system, air-conditioning works.

Take the car for a drive and test the clutch if it has one, make sure the gearbox engages gears and shifts smoothly and without any hesitation. Peugeot recalled the 207 in 2012 to check the battery earth cable, which could break because it was too short and cause the engine to stall.

Another recall in 2011 related to the rear brake hose, which could wear and lose brake fluid as a result of contacting the rear spring.


Attractive looking hatch with roomy cabin is a delight to drive. Worth a look.

Peugeot 207 - 2007-2010
Price new: $19,990 to $33,490
Engine: 1.4-litre SOHC 4-cylinder, 55 kW/120 Nm; 1.4-litre DOHC 4-cylinder, 65 kW/133 Nm; 1.6-litre, 4-cylinder, 88 kW/160 Nm; 1.6-litre 4-cylinder turbo-diesel, 80 kW/240 Nm; 1.6-litre turbocharged 4-cylinder, 128 kW/240 Nm.
Transmission: 4-speed automatic, 5-speed manual
Economy: 6.3 L/100 km (1.4 DOHC), 6.1 L/100 km (1.6), 4.8 L/100 km (1.6TD), 7.0 L/100 km (1.6T)
Body: 3-door hatch, 5-door hatch 4-door wagon
Variants: XR, XT, XE, Touring, GTi
Safety: 5-star ANCAP


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Year Price From Price To
2010 $3,740 $9,570
2009 $3,410 $9,350
2008 $3,410 $8,140
2007 $2,750 $7,040

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XR 1.4L, ULP, 5 SP MAN $3,080 – 4,730 2007 Peugeot 207 2007 XR Pricing and Specs
GT 1.6L, PULP, 5 SP MAN $4,730 – 6,930 2007 Peugeot 207 2007 GT Pricing and Specs
XT 1.6L, ULP, 4 SP AUTO $4,180 – 6,160 2007 Peugeot 207 2007 XT Pricing and Specs
XT HDi 1.6L, Diesel, 5 SP MAN $4,290 – 6,380 2007 Peugeot 207 2007 XT HDi Pricing and Specs
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