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Lexus RC 350 Sport Luxury 2015 review

Absolutely gorgeous. That's how we would describe the new Lexus RC350 coupe.

No, it's not the rollicking, in-ya-face, V8-powered RC-F.

This one is the more genteel 3.5 V6 that starts in price from an affordable $66,000 for the Luxury. Add eight grand for the F-Sport, add another 12 on top of that for the Sport Luxury which we drove.

They are big price increments considering the car is pretty much the same underneath apart from add-on technology, luxury and safety kit.

This stunner turns heads everywhere you drive

Basically, we'd be pretty darn happy with the entry-level Luxury.


This stunner turns heads everywhere you drive and our test car was in stealth black, with the electric blue even more striking.

RC 350 boasts the Lexus family spindle grille at the front and and notch rear styling with a succession of swooping curves along its flanks.

Inside is a study in modern design and function complete with a touch pad controller, large multimedia screen and the quickest Bluetooth hook-up we have experienced.


We were in the top of the range Sport Luxury which scores clever kit like adaptive suspension, variable gearing steering, rear steer, 19-inch alloys, Mark Levinson power sound, supple leather, heated and ventilated seats, rear camera… the list goes on and on.

You won't be wanting for much in the RC 350 Sport Luxury.

Engine / Transmission

The RC 350 is powered by a 3.5-litre V6 petrol engine with direct fuel injection into the cylinders and also port injection - just like the Toyota 86 sports coupe.

The engine is out of the Lexus GS and has variable valve timing and other tricky stuff to help achieve a robust 233kW/378Nm output - on 95RON petrol.

Drive goes to the rear wheels through a sports calibrated eight speed 'direct shift' auto - almost ubiquitous in Lexus cars these days.

Arguably the most well-rounded Lexus in the lineup

The chassis is unique, but there's been plenty of borrowing from across the Lexus lineup for various elements - GS, IS Coupe and IS-F sedan for example all contributed bits and pieces to the RC 350.

The result is stunning, arguably the most well-rounded Lexus in the lineup. 

Apart from lacking rear seat legroom and too long a stretch to the front seat belts, there ain't much to criticise here. 


From behind the driver's seat the RC 350 offers plenty of engagement if you choose to drive in a sporty vein. Opt to cruise and it's just as handy, with numerous driver assist and aid functions to make the car almost drive itself.

A long distance tour would be a joy in this car, but so is punting it on a winding road.

It has four drive modes - each with individual calibrations for dynamics and engine response. You get Eco, Normal, Sport and Sport+ with the third option the best for all round driving.

The RC 350 Sport Luxury is a really handy tool in a wide range of driving applications

Assisting the car's dynamic competence is adaptive suspension which reads how it is being driven and driving conditions, adjusting itself accordingly.

Same applies to the steering which has variable gearing - and the rear-steer effect further assists cornering.

Put it this way, the RC 350 Sport Luxury (and the F-Sport for that matter) is a really handy tool in a wide range of driving applications.

The double wishbone suspension soaks up the bumps, doesn't deflect when it does encounter them and delivers a composed ride.

The brakes are up to the task as well.

This is no soft option when it comes to sporty driving.


We love it. The look inside and out, performance (0-100kmh in 6.3), can drink a bit at 9.4L/100km. But hey, it's a sweet thing to drive and behold, smooth, sophisticated.

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