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Hyundai Tucson 2015 review: Torquing Heads

Hyundai's plans for global domination shouldn't be a secret, but if they were, the new Tucson will have blown the lid off that particular filing cabinet.

Despite the old name, the Tucson is the replacement for the recently-departed (and smash hit) ix35. While the ix35 was never quite finished, the Tucson has landed with the styling, poise, quality and refinement to take on the current mid-size SUV top dog, the Mazda CX-5.

We couldn't just trust one person to do the job here, and for a car like this, the job certainly couldn't have been left to a motoring journalist like me who counts kilowatts and tyre sizes. So I asked Nikki Cousins to give me her view on the car. Nikki put the Tucson to the test with her three kids and the daily commute from the suburbs to the city, which included a surprisingly detailed exposé on the cupholders.

Nikki and I then met up to see what the other thought of what will likely be the top-seller in the Tucson range, the ActiveX.


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Do you think the Tucson has what it takes to topple the other mid-size SUV heroes? Tell us in the comments below.