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Citroen DS3 D Sport 2014 Review

They took back our 'long term' Citroen DS3 cabrio and gave us a three-door DS3 D Sport hatch instead.

They took back our 'long term' Citroen DS3 cabrio and gave us a three-door DS3 D Sport hatch instead. Someone desperately wanted a cabrio. C'est la vie. But as it turns out, we like the hatch more than the cabrio because of the latter's silly boot and the lack of rear vision with the roof down.


The hatch is also a few grand less at $29,740 running the same powertrain and spec' as the soft top. It's up towards the top of the segment for price but is fully equipped (except for leather which is a $2000 option).

The DS3 in D Sport spec' scores plenty of kit including a neat centre control and info pod, wide connectivity including phone and audio, climate control and satnav. There's even a scent outlet in the ventilation system.


The engine delivers strong performance and excellent economy rated at about 5.9-litres/100km. It's the same 1.6-litre turbo petrol as you'll find in Mini, BMW and Peugeot though all are in different states of tune. It was a joint effort between BMW and PSA (Peugeot/Citroen).

In the DS3 it's good for 115kW/240Nm -- not as potent as some of the competition but in terms of driveability, the DS3 doesn't disappoint. Those 115 kilowatts work diligently to give the car plenty of poke off the mark and right through the engine rev range.

It's capably harnessed by a sweet shifting six-speed manual (only) 'box and various electronic modulations to the front wheels. The engine features direct fuel injection, variable valve timing, on-demand water pump and staged oil pump to maximise efficiency and cut emissions. The DS3 weighs in at about 1135kg so there isn't too much weight to shift.


The Citroen DS3 D Sport is beautifully built.  Citroen seems a cut above Peugeot in this regard.  We love the way it rides and corners which demonstrates Citroen's understanding of a car's dynamics. Thankfully it's all conventional stuff underneath, not a hydraulic sphere to be seen. But the car corners flat, steers nicely and absorbs bumps as if they weren't there.

We like the look of it too -- cute and compact with seats for four. The exterior is lifted by swatches of chrome while the interior's carbon look dash is striking.

In practical terms the three door DS3 is quite handy with relatively easy rear seat access and a large (expandable) load area. The compact dimensions are a real asset in the city particularly when parking. This is aided by a park assist system as well as good all round visibility.


Affordable French flair with a sporty edge.

Citroen DS3 D Sport
Price: from $29,740
Engine: 1.6-litre turbo 4-cyl petrol, 115kW/240Nm
Transmission: six-speed manual, FWD
Thirst: 6 litres/100km

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