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Toyota HiLux electric car is happening next year according to executive, so is there a rival to the hybrid Ford Ranger or electric Isuzu D-Max utes? - report

An electric Toyota HiLux ready within the next couple of years wouldn’t likely be for the Australian market.

An electric Toyota HiLux ute could be in production by the end of next year according to reports.

The President of Toyota Thailand, Noriaki Yamashita, told media at the Bangkok International Motor Show that an electric version of the popular ute could be ready by the end of 2025, according to Reuters.

Chances are the electric HiLux being referred to by Noriaki Yamashita will be similar to the Toyota HiLux Revo concept, a rear-drive single-cab ute it revealed last year.

The Revo, built for the 60th anniversary of Toyota Motor Thailand, has been examined by Toyota Australia within the last few months, though chances of a similar model going on sale here are slim.

Speaking to journalists late last year, Toyota Australia Vice President of Sales and Marketing Sean Hanley said while the concept is impressive and shows promise for use in other markets, Australia needs a different kind of ute.

Four-wheel drive, a higher range and the ability to tow are all high priorities for Toyota Australia when it comes to the HiLux, so if Thailand’s upcoming electric ute is similar to the Revo, don’t expect to see it in Australia any time soon.

The report comes shortly after Isuzu announced an electric D-Max ute would go into production within the next couple of years.

Toyota is currently one of the loudest voices in the industry conversation regarding the New Vehicle Emissions Standard.

Toyota Australia has instead introduced a 48-volt-equipped version of the current HiLux, which it says aims to improve the performance and efficiency of the ute without impeding on its capabilities.

Also on the way is the next-generation Toyota HiLux, set to debut in 2025, according to Hanley.

Toyota is currently one of the loudest voices in the industry conversation regarding the New Vehicle Emissions Standard, which it initially said was too harsh before the government adjusted penalties to allow for light-commercial vehicles and some 4WDs to be sold with lower restrictions.

An electric or hybrid HiLux is likely one of the clearest ways the Japanese auto giant can best meet the NVES targets - but it’s yet to be determined what form this would take.

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