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We’re already halfway through 2024 and it is shaping up to be a record year for new-car sales as the car industry bounces back from supply restrictions. 

June may have shown a sales dip compared to 12 months ago but this year remains ahead of 2023 by 8.7 per cent, with 632,412 new cars registered from January 1 to June 30, 2024. 

The Ford Ranger ute has staked its claim as Australia’s favourite new vehicle, eclipsing the Toyota HiLux by 17.8 per cent and with a greater share of 4x4 variants in the mix. 

Beyond Australia’s favourite utes is the hybrid-only RAV4 mid-size SUV, which has been buoyed by improved stock flow. 

The Isuzu D-MAX ute, Mitsubishi Outlander mid-size SUV, Toyota Corolla small car, Tesla Model Y electric SUV, Mazda CX-5 mid-size SUV, MG ZS small SUV and Ford Everest 4x4 SUV round out the top 10 so far.

Toyota RAV4 (image: Glen Sullivan)
Toyota RAV4 (image: Glen Sullivan)

What about the rest of Australia’s favourite vehicles? Read on for the full list – some of the results might surprise you. 

The best-selling models of January to June 2024 (1-10)

RankingModelVolume YTD 2024Variance %
1Ford Ranger33,53125.4
2Toyota Hilux28,5151.5
3Toyota RAV425,40587.9
4Isuzu Ute D-Max15,82019.4
5Mitsubishi Outlander14,44327.3
6Toyota Corolla13,17982.9
7Tesla Model Y12,516-10.6
8Mazda CX-511,9202.7
9MG ZS11,809-13
10Ford Everest11,276101
Honda CR-V (image: Glen Sullivan)
Honda CR-V (image: Glen Sullivan)

The best-selling models of January to June 2024 (11-20)

Just missing out are the Toyota Camry, which should continue to improve throughout the year, and Tesla Model sedans. The Kia Sportage and Isuzu MU-X cap out the 10K-plus club.

RankingModelVolume YTD 2024Variance %
11Toyota Camry10,788194.9
12Tesla Model 310,600-8.4
13Kia Sportage10,47459.1
14Isuzu Ute MU-X10,08341.7
15Hyundai Tucson9462-12
16Nissan X-Trail944976.5
17Mitsubishi Triton93497.2
18Hyundai Kona8948117.2
19Mazda CX-385376.3
20Kia Cerato8219195.3

The best-selling models of January to June 2024 (21-30)

We separate LandCruiser sales into pick-up and wagon though combined the nameplate would easily feature in the top-10. From here on, Chinese-made cars such as the MG3 light car and Haval Jolion small SUV become more prominent. 

RankingModelVolume YTD 2024Variance %
21Toyota LandCruiser Wagon819925.3
22Mazda BT-507938-17.4
23GWM Haval Jolion713129.1
24Subaru Forester6850-17.7
25Hyundai i306515-41.9
26Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series pick-up619922.7
27Mazda CX-3061741.2
28MG MG36143-27.3
29Mitsubishi ASX608044.5
30Subaru Crosstrek6008126
BYD Atto 3
BYD Atto 3

The best-selling models of January to June 2024 (31-40)

Two Subaru products are right next to each other … but only the Crosstrek has significantly improved its position, up 126 per cent for 2023. The Outback wagon starts the top-30 where you can see how the best-selling van, Toyota’s Hiace, pales next to more popular utes. 

RankingModelVolue YTD 2024Variance %
31Subaru Outback5785-4.5
32Toyota Hiace Van566451.6
33Nissan Navara564751.1
34Kia Sorento55664.8
36Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross540637.1
37Toyota Corolla Cross514573.5
38Volkswagen Amarok4924123.6
39GWM Haval H647245.7
40Suzuki Jimny471055.6
Tesla Model 3 Performance (image: Tom White)
Tesla Model 3 Performance (image: Tom White)

The best-selling models of January to June 2024 (41-50)

For all the headlines about new Chinese electric cars taking over, BYD’s best selling models remain a fair way out of the top-10 with the Seal sedan and Atto 3 small SUV having similar months – both are in the same zone as the Kia Seltos and Nissan Patrol

RankingModelVolume YTD 2024Variance %
41Kia Carnival4572-20.4
42Kia Seltos4537-17.8
43GWM Ute4430-17.9
44Mitsubishi Pajero Sport435671.9
45Toyota Kluger4156-10.8
46Volkswagen T-Roc4096-7.3
47BYD Seal4092NA
48Nissan Patrol Wagon394337.1
49Nissan Qashqai392420
50BYD Atto 33726-39.9
Subaru Outback XT
Subaru Outback XT

The best-selling models of January to June 2024 (51-60)

Despite a new, critically-acclaimed model the Honda CR-V has not yet found its footing down in 52nd and down year-on-year. Chery’s Omoda 5 small SUV showed improvement but still has a way to climb if it is to Challenge the MG ZS and Haval Jolion

Expect to see the brand new Toyota Prado 4x4 jump up leaderboards come 2025.

RankingModelVolume YTD 2024Variance %
51Toyota Yaris Cross369938.8
52Honda CR-V3576-28.8
53Toyota Prado3498-50.3
54LDV T603399-30.1
55Hyundai Venue32700.1
56Suzuki Swift2990-9.6
57Chery Omoda 5293381.9
58Lexus NX29065
59Kia Stonic2861-27.6
60Kia Picanto2830-13.5
Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series (image: Glen Sullivan)
Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series (image: Glen Sullivan)

The best-selling models of January to June 2024 (61-70)

Luxury small SUVs like the Audi Q3 and BMW X1 prove their value, topping sales charts for both brands and appearing in the top 70 sellers. The MG5 sedan’s cheap entry price doesn’t appear to be cutting through the noise. 

RankingModelVolume YTD 2024Variance %
61Audi Q3281612.5
62MG MG42771NA
63Honda ZR-V2687>999
64Volkswagen Tiguan2647-31.5
65Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace2496-0.6
67Hyundai Santa Fe2436-19.8
68Mazda CX-82298-12.4
69BMW X1225543.4
70MG MG52252NA
Mazda CX-60 (image: Glen Sullivan)
Mazda CX-60 (image: Glen Sullivan)

The best-selling models of January to June 2024 (71-80)

And here is where Mazda’s most popular Large Product Group model sits – sales are down at the Hiroshima-based brand but that’s said to be made up by the extra profit ‘premium’ products like CX-90 and forthcoming CX-80 bring to the company. 

RankingModelVolume YTD 2024Variance %
71GWM Tank 3002153>999
72Hyundai Staria Load190934.7
73BMW X31884-7.9
74Mazda CX-601820>999
75GWM Haval H6 GT1791-8.2
76Hyundai Palisade1747-13.3
77Honda HR-V172990.4
78RAM 15001710-53.7
79Audi A3170021.2
80Volvo XC401696-46.2

The best-selling models of January to June 2024 (81-90)

It is surprising to see a Toyota way down here but the Fortuner’s large SUV rivals have always performed and sold stronger and it’s still up for the year. The remaining nameplates here are all reporting declines on 2023’s results. 

RankingModelVolume YTD 2024Variance %
81Toyota Fortuner16965.5
82MG HS1618-65.3
83BMW X51604-10.7
84LDV G10/G10+1602-18.1
85Ford Transit Custom1598-13.5
86BMW 3 Series1511-6.8
87Porsche Macan1475-9.6
88Land Rover Defender1475-9.7
89Audi Q51386-42.3
90LDV D901282 -19.2
Toyota Fortuner (image: Glen Sullivan)
Toyota Fortuner (image: Glen Sullivan)

The best-selling models of January to June 2024 (91-100)

The BYD Dolphin hatch’s spot down here shows cheap electric cars may not be the money-maker some might expect. To finish, it’s always good to see the niche Subaru WRX sedan scrape into the top-100. 

RankingModelVolume YTD 2024Variance %
91Toyota C-HR1355-46.6
92Toyota Yaris135346.1
93Mercedes-Benz GLC Class Wagon1345-4.1
94Suzuki Vitara132693.6
95BYD Dolphin1248NA
96Land Rover Range Rover Sport124020.7
97Nissan Juke119377.5
98Chevrolet Silverado118116.4
99Subaru WRX1178-17.5
100BMW i41177>999

Some cars you might have expected to do better include the Polestar 2 liftback (950), Honda Civic hatch (628), Toyota bZ4X electric SUV (555) and Nissan Pathfinder large SUV (366). 

There were an additional 228 models below the top 100 that have registered sales so far in 2024, though not all are ‘new’. There have been as many (now discontinued) Dodge Journey SUVs registered this year as Mercede-Benz EQS sedans (6), for example.

We’ll check in on the top 100 sellers again in early 2025 – expect another record year led by the Ford Ranger, providing business-as-usual is maintained. 

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