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Tomic car fails to sell as bids stall

Bidding stalled at $146,000 with discussions expected to continue with the mystery interstate buyer.

The family yesterday turned down a bid of $146,000 for the orange high-powered sports car.

The 2010 BMW M3 has only 6926km on the clock but yesterday failed to meet a secret reserve set by Tomic's father John during a Brisbane auction.

Pickles Auctions manager Robert Webster said the Tomic family had negotiated with the highest bidder, a mysterious interstate buyer, but had failed to reach an agreement.

"It will be up to the Tomic family whether or not they re-list the car for auction. They may sell privately or through a dealer,'' he said. "They spent around $200,000 for the car in 2010 and they were expecting a higher return.''

The failed sale comes just two weeks after the 19-year-old was pulled over three times and fined twice by police in less than two hours on Australia Day. Police also charged Tomic with three traffic offences, including evading police.

Talking at a media conference this week Tomic said he might never drive in Australia again. Pickles Auctions national manager Steve Allen said Tomic had said he now wanted to focus on his tennis career without distractions.

"He's had his fun and he's ready to focus on tennis now,'' Mr Allen said. "We thought it would fetch a high price given the publicity surrounding the car and its performance enhancements.

"There are only five of these BMWs in this colour in Australia.'' John Tomic attended the auction and appeared disappointed with the final bid. Punters said they were shocked the top bid was turned down.

Bidder John Marshall joked he wanted to buy the BMW for his granddaughter. "I was thinking about it but she's only on her P-plates,'' he said. "It's an outrageous price for a car but I guess with all that comes with it . . .

"I am here looking for a more sensible car but it was great to witness the auction. I thought for sure it would sell today.'' The Tomic family has until tomorrow morning to reconsider the $146,000 bid.