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The world's coolest ute? Suzuki Jimny trayback on the menu as brand plots Jimny 2.0

Suzuki is plotting Jimny 2.0, which could include a ute (image credit: X-Tomi Design)

The runaway success of the Jimny has inspired Suzuki to start thinking of the micro-4WD as its own sub-brand, with its design team now mulling ways to launch Jimny 2.0 to further the model's success.

Options include a Jimny ute, a Jimny EV and even a future-mobility product that might not be a car at all. But the brand is ready to invest in what has emerged as its flagship model, and it wants to give the people what they want.

"Of course it is under the name of Suzuki, but Jimny has its own brand already, its almost like a sub-brand," a senior Suzuki designer told CarsGuide at the Japan Mobility Show.

“So it can start to, you know, go off on its own and who knows what it might be?"

Two of the most frequent demands made by Jimny customers and prospects are for an all-electric version, and for a tray-back ute version. And those requests have been heard in Japan, where Suzuki HQ says nothing is off the table.

"I think everybody’s hoping for an EV Jimny kind of thing," we were told.

“I cannot reveal any information about future line-ups, but this EV thing will definitely continue to go on, and obviously we have to stay active in the market.

When asked directly about a pick-up, the designer told us:

“I’ve seen some people doing some customisation, and some people doing some rock-climbing Jimnys and all that.

"[The Jimny story] is not done, I think it’s just getting started, I think we can imagine many things."

The next cab off the Jimny rank is the five-door, four-seat version, which is already proving staggeringly popular in Australia, with people placing orders before they know any real specification or pricing details.

That model won't arrive until next year, but as of last month, Suzuki Australia was holding more than 1500 orders for the vehicle.

Meanwhile, a stop-order on original Jimny remains in place. It was briefly lifted last month when an additional 500 units were secured, but all were snapped up by eager buyers in just five hours.

That demand, which is mirrored in other markets, is what's driving Suzuki to expand the Jimny story, so watch this space.