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Tesla Model 3 "Acceleration Boost" revealed: Lightning-quick electric car now even faster

Lightning-quick Tesla Model 3 now even faster

Tesla has unveiled an "Acceleration Boost" over-the-air update designed to make its Model 3 even faster, without having to shell out for the Performance variant.

The option, which costs US$2000 ($2900) in America, is delivered via a wireless update, and shaves a significant chunk off the Dual Motor Long Range version of the Model 3's zero to 100km/h time.

Based on US specs, the Acceleration Boost feature shaves 0.5 seconds off the Model 3's 4.4 sec 0-60mph (around 96km/h) time, reducing the sprint to 3.9 seconds.

Yes, that's slower than the Model 3 Performance (3.2 seconds), but the update is also significantly cheaper.

In Australia, for example, the Dual Motor Long Range will set you back $85,900, while the Performance ups the price to $93,900 - a difference of around $8k.

But if American prices are a guide for a Australia, and investment of $3k will up the performance of the Long Range and leave around $5k in your pocket.