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Shock pricing for 2022 Ford Ranger: Auto-only new-gen Ranger and Ranger Raptor should please cheaper brands but give the Toyota HiLux, Isuzu D-Max, Mazda BT-50 and Mitsubishi Triton a truck-sized headache

Prices rises average $1106 compared to the previous Ranger, while adding the Raptor means the average ask is now $1450 more.

Ford has finally revealed pricing for its new-generation Ranger mid-sized pick-up, with the inevitable rises averaging $1106, not including the Ranger Raptor.

Bad news first. There is a massive shift upwards for the entry-level price point, due in part to the deletion of the manual gearbox.

This sees the cheapest Ranger rocket up nearly $7000, from $29,190 (all prices are before on-road costs) to a hefty $35,930. Some 11 manual models taking in XL, XLS, XLS, Sport, FX4 and Wildtrak grades have been deleted.

That said, if you can swallow that hard pill, the news on the all-automatic Ranger range gets brighter, with some increases as expected, given the significant gains made with the completely redesigned and reengineered T6.2 Ranger series.

To that end, some new Ranger prices jump from as little as $240, most cost around $1000 to $1500 more and the biggest increase is $2240 –– though one model has defied expectations with a price hike that can only be called conspicuously modest.

That is the latest Ranger Raptor, which despite gaining nearly twice the power from a V6 twin-turbo (bi-turbo) petrol engine, an advanced permanent four-wheel drive system, high-end Fox shocks and a raft of safety, convenience and multimedia improvements, now starts from an unexpectedly low $85,490.

Estimates had the new Ranger Raptor from about $90,000, since the outgoing PX III Raptor with the 2.0-litre twin-turbo diesel version kicked off from $79,390, meaning buyers of the new model pay a reasonable $6100 more for a much more highly-specified model.  

Additionally, two popular XLT grades even stay the same as before, further underlining the surprising pricing structure of the T6.2 Ranger.

Drilling deeper into the range, the cheapest Ranger is now the XL 4x2 (two-wheel-drive) Hi-Rider Single Cab Chassis 2.0-litre single-turbo (SiT) diesel with a six-speed automatic (offering 125kW/405Nm) from the aforementioned $35,890, costing $1040 more than the previous 2.2L equivalent.

Choosing the Super Cab version adds $2500 to the new price, or another $4500 for the Double Cab.

The cheapest Ranger with the 154kW/500Nm 2.0L bi-turbo mated solely to a 10-speed auto (replacing the old 3.2L five-cylinder turbo-diesel) is the $47,030 XL 4x4 Cab Chassis (with a revised version of the old part-time 4WD system), with the XL 4x4 Double Cab Pick-Up from $53,430 (+$740) being the most expensive XL grade for now.

Moving on to the XLS 4x2 Hi-Rider Double Pick-Up 2.0L bi-turbo will set buyers back $46,790 or from $53,990 (+700) if it’s the better-equipped XLT, while XLT is the least-expensive T6.2 Ranger with the 184kW/600Nm 3.0-litre V6 turbo, since that begins from $62,290 for the 4x4 Double Cab Chassis, or another $1900 for the Pick-Up body style.

In the upper Ranger echelons are the Sport 4x4 Double Pick-Up 2.0L bi-turbo from $63,690 or $3000 more for the V6, while the same price gap sits between the Wildtrak 4x4 Double Pick-Up 2.0L bi-turbo and V6, from $67,190 and $70,190 respectively.

And, again, the Raptor 4x4 Double Pick-Up V6 tops the range from $85,490.

Finally, options pricing has been released, with the 17-inch steel wheels with all-terrain tyres and a 17-inch steel spare wheel costing $750 on XL and XLS 4x4s; 17-inch and 18-inch all-terrain tyres are $500 on XLT 4x4 and Sport 4x4 respectively; and the beadlock capable alloy wheels will add $2000 to the price of the Raptor.

2022 Ford Ranger pricing before on-road costs

XL 4x2 HR Single CC 2.0L SiTSix-speed automatic$35,930 (+$1,040)
XL 4x2 HR Super CC 2.0L SiTSix-speed automatic$38,430 (+$1,040)
XL 4x2 HR Double CC 2.0L SiTSix-speed automatic$40,430(+$1,040)
XL 4x2 HR Double PU 2.0L SiTSix-speed automatic $42,330(+$1,540)
XL 4x4 Single CC 2.0L BiT10-speed automatic$47,030 (+$1,740)
XL 4x4 Super CC 2.0L BiT10-speed automatic$49,530 (+$240)
XL 4x4 Super PU 2.0L BiT10-speed automatic$51,430 (+$2,240)
XL 4x4 Double CC 2.0L SiTSix-speed automatic$48,030 (+$740)
XL 4x4 Double CC 2.0L BiT10-speed automatic$51,530 (+$240)
XL 4x4 Double PU 2.0L SiTSix-speed automatic$49,930 (+$1,240)
XL 4x4 Double PU 2.0L BiT10-speed automatic$53,430 (+$740)
XLS 4x2 HR Double PU 2.0L BiT10-speed automatic$46,730 (new)
XLS 4x4 Double PU 2.0L BiT10-speed automatic$54,330 (+$1,840)
XLT 4x2 HR Double PU 2.0L BiT10-speed automatic$53,990 (+$700)
XLT 4x4 Super PU 2.0L BiT10-speed automatic$59,190 (+$0)
XLT 4x4 Double PU 2.0L BiT10-speed automatic$61,190 (+$0)
XLT 4x4 Double CC 3.0L V610-speed automatic$62,290 (new)
XLT 4x4 Double PU 3.0L V610-speed automatic$64,190 (new)
Sport 4x4 Double PU 2.0L BiT10-speed automatic$63,690 (new)
Sport 4x4 Double PU 3.0L V610-speed automatic$66,690 (new)
Wildtrak 4x4 Double PU 2.0L BiT10-speed automatic$67,190 (+$1,100)
Wildtrak 4x4 Double PU 3.0L V610-speed automatic$70,190 (new)
Raptor 4x4 Double PU 3.0L V6 EcoBoost10-speed automatic$85,490 (new)