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NSW Police add LDV G10 to fleet

LDV G10 joins NSW Police fleet

The NSW police have unveiled an unlikely new weapon in the fight against crime: a seven-seat people-mover from Chinese manufacturer LDV.

As the broader police force evaluate vehicles as wide ranging as the Volvo S60 Polestar to Ford’s V8 Mustang to prepare for life after the Commodore and Falcon, Campsie Local Area Command has taken a somewhat less conventional approach.

It’s unlikely to strike fear into the hearts of hardened criminals, but Campsie LAC will use the seven-seat LDV G10 - decked-out in police colours - for crime prevention education tours of local schools and businesses.

"The provision of the LDV G10 in this role is a double win for the Campsie community," says superintendent commander Michael McLean of the Campsie LAC.

Campsie Police will use the extra space for signage or equipment on its education mission.

"Not only does it provide our crime prevention team with transport to enable them to take the crime prevention message to even more people and businesses, it also frees-up a front line Police vehicle that would otherwise be used in this role to be used to fight crime, enabling the Campsie LAC to be more efficient and effective in beating crime in our area."

Powered by a 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine that will generate 165kW and 330Nm thats fed through a six-speed automatic transmission, the LDV G10 is priced from $29,990, drive-away. The G10 is yet to be crash tested in Australia, but the two-star ANCAP result for the LDV V80 commercial van in 2015 is unlikely to inspire confidence.

The vehicle has been donated by LDV’s Sydney dealer, the Parramatta AutoCentre, with Campsie Police to use the extra space for signage or equipment on its education mission.

"It’s one thing to solve crimes, but it’s even better if the crime doesn’t take place in the first place as it saves money and protects people and businesses from the effects of crime," says Zafer Kara, Parramatta AutoCentre's general manager.

"This is why we believe helping the Campsie Local Area Command with its efforts to stop crime before it happens is the most effective and useful contribution we can make to our local community."

What other models would you like to see added to the fleet? Let us know in the comments below.