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New Mazda CX-7 coming in 2021, will share parts with all-new Toyota SUV: reports

A new Mazda CX-7 will share components, suppliers and its American factory with an upcoming Toyota SUV, believed to be the FT-4X concept revealed in New York, according to media reports from the USA.

Toyota and Mazda have both confirmed they'll be jointly building products at a US$1.6b production facility in Huntsville Alabama. It was initially thought Toyota would use the American facility to produce the Corolla, but it has since confirmed it will be building an all-new C-segment SUV, believed to be a production version of the FT-4X concept. 

That vehicle is expected to hit US dealers in 2023, and will reportedly feature both conventional engines and, eventually, full battery-electric drivetrain options. Toyota FT-4X concept was roughly the same size as the C-HR (shorter but wider), and was pitched as a rugged, off-road focused version of that urban-friendly SUV.

According to WardsAuto, Mazda is expected to begin producing a new CX-7 in 2021 - the same year the joint-operated factory opens - which will hit the USA market in 2022.

The CX-7 was last sold in Australia in 2012, when it effectively replaced by the world-beating CX-5 SUV. Nothing is known yet about the specifics of a new CX-7, but the Japanese brand has confirmed its plans to use the factory to build a C-segment SUV.

The reports remain unconfirmed for now, but we'll update this story with more information as it comes to hand. 

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