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New Mazda 3 and CX-30 2020 SkyActiv-X pricing and specs detailed: The premium you'll pay for Mazda's groundbreaking engine tech

Mazda says the SkyActiv-X engine tech will reduce emissions without compromising the "joy of driving".

The Mazda3 small car and CX-30 small SUV are set to shortly add Mazda's much-touted SkyActiv-X technology to their respective line-ups.

The new engine tech is headlined by the introduction of what Mazda calls “spark-controlled compression ignition” technology, which adjusts the fuel injection mixture “to the point where the lean mixture rapidly combusts” on a new compression stroke. The technology does not do away with a spark plug entirely like a diesel engine, but requires the spark to fire to combust a leaner fuel mixture.

The brand has promised that this technology will reduce emissions while “retaining the same joy of driving”. The SkyActiv-X variants will also come bundled with Mazda’s mild ‘M Hybrid’ technology, which features a belt-driven starter generator and a 24V lithium-ion battery. It is said to recycle energy recovered during deceleration, and using the electric motor “assists the engine”.

Interestingly, Mazda will offer the new engine with a six-speed manual transmission as well as an automatic in the Mazda3, and as an automatic all-wheel drive only via a six-speed torque-converter in the CX-30 . The new engine, dubbed X20, will only be available in top-spec Astina trim for both models.

The 2.0-litre non-turbo powerplant produces 132kW/224Nm, and in the Mazda3 manual will consume 5.3L/100km. Importantly, the emissions from the engine have dropped to 127g/km, a significant decrease on the current 2.0-litre's 144g/km.

Mazda promises the tech will retain the "joy of driving" while reducing emissions. Mazda promises the tech will retain the "joy of driving" while reducing emissions.

The pricing for each variant represents a $3000 jump over the respective current top G25 Astina trim for both the Mazda3 and CX-30.

SkyActiv-X versions of the Mazda3 are set to arrive next month, while the CX-30 will launch in September.

The brand has also promised that there will be no surprise servicing costs by opting for the new engine. 

The technology is part of Mazda’s commitment to a 50 per cent reduction in its emissions by 2030, and a 90 per cent reduction by 2050.

Mazda3 2020 price

 Six-speed manualSix-speed auto
G20 Pure$25,590$26,590
G20 Evolve$27,290$28,290
G20 Touring$29,590$30,590
G25 Evolve$30,090$31,090
G25 GT$34,090$35,090
G25 Astina$37,590$38,590
X20 Astina$40,590$41,590

Mazda CX-30 2020 price

 Six-speed auto FWDSix-speed auto AWD
G20 Pure$29,990--
G20 Evolve$31,490--
G20 Touring$34,990--
G20 Astina$38,990--
G25 Touring--$38,490
G25 Astina$41,490$43,490
X20 Astina--$46,490