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Ford Ranger, Mazda BT-50 recalled over fire hazard

Ford has recalled 59,000 examples of its Ranger pick-up due to the risk of a fire under the vehicle.

Ford has been forced to recall approximately 59,000 examples of its popular Ranger pick-up due to a fire hazard relating to the vehicle’s diesel particulate filter (DPF), while just under 17,000 examples of Mazda’s mechanically related BT-50 have also been called back.

Affecting PXII Rangers and BT-50s built from July 2016, the recall has been issued for the risk of fire caused by grass and vegetation being caught and lodged up against the DPF.

When the DPF is in regeneration mode, it can radiate large amounts of heat, which when combined with sufficient grass or vegetation accumulation, can lead to either smoke or fire underneath the vehicle.

So far there has been one recorded example of an Australian Ranger catching fire after vegetation got wedged next to a hot DPF, and no instances with the BT-50.

Owners are advised to read over warnings in the instruction manual, citing sections such as starting and stopping the engine.

Ford says it is currently in the process of contacting affected Ranger owners by mail and alerting them to the risk, as well as giving advice on inspecting the vehicle for grass build-ups.

Mazda has posted an instructional video to YouTube on how to clean out the affected areas.

Owners are advised to read over warnings in the instruction manual, citing sections such as starting and stopping the engine – particularly the DPF section – and the catalytic converter section of fuel and refueling.

Parts are being developed to rectify the problem, and when they become available Ford will contact owners.

Any owners looking for additional information or the vehicle identification numbers (VINs) should go to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC) product safety website.

With one month left in 2017 Ford has sold 39,270 examples of the Ranger, making it the second best-selling pick-up behind the venerable Toyota HiLux, which has accumulated 43,144 sales.

The Ranger actually outsold the HiLux in 4x4 variants by 33,827 to 32,183, but fell behind in 4x2 sales, to the tune of 5443 to 10,961.

Meanwhile, Mazda has sold a combined 13,095 examples of the BT-50, slightly down on its 13,418 figure over the same period last year.

Should a vehicle be driven if there is the risk of a fire? Tell us what you think in the comments below.​

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