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Steering grinding on VW Touareg

About 5-6 months ago I noticed that the steering on my 2011 VW Touareg was grinding on full lock. After checking it the dealer said there was nothing wrong and it was probably caused by the road surface. About four weeks ago I noticed that the tyres were delaminating with large pieces of rubber missing and the grinding had become more pronounced. This time the technician who drove the car heard the noise, but when I picked it up I was advised that there was nothing wrong with the steering or front-end. I drove the car a couple of days later with the service supervisor and he agreed there was a problem and he took photos of the tyres and reported what he found to VW. The car went in again 10 days later and after three days I got a call from one of the service guys who said that there was nothing wrong with the car and that the tyre problem was my fault because I had not rotated them. The car still has the grinding fault and an independent tyre company has given me a report that the tyres are unroadworthy. I have complained to VW, but haven't yet received a return call. What would you suggest I do next?

You need to persist with the dealer and VW, and perhaps consult an independent mechanic who specializes in VWs and can assess it for you, and perhaps back your claim. If that fails to nudge VW into action consider action through the consumer affairs people.