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What car should I buy for $70,000?

I am looking to purchase a new car and have a budget to $70,000. I travel approx. 35,000 km per year, 90 per cent highway miles, up and down the mid and north coast. My current car, a 2013 Toyota Aurion has now done 180,000 km and is still on its original brake pads. I need to sort out which new car to buy based on resale value, mileage, and age. Do I get another highway cruiser, like a BMW X3, Toyota Camry hybrid, etc., or an SUV, like a VW Touareg, Subaru outback, etc., or a dual-cab such as a Toyota Hilux, Mitsubishi Triton, etc., or a 4x4 like a Mitsubishi Pajero, Toyota Fortuna, Toyota Prado, etc.? Do I own the car for 1, 3, 5 or 7 years based on 40,000 km mileage per annum?

You’ve pretty much covered the field there, so it should come down to what you want from your car. Do you want comfort, safety, fuel efficiency, offroad capability, cabin space? If you are mostly driving on the highway, then a diesel SUV is probably the best bet. I would rule out a dual-cab ute because of comfort, unless you need the flexibility a ute gives you. I would rule out a hybrid, they’re not at their most efficient on the highway; they’re better suited to town use. Based on your annual mileage I wouldn’t keep the car any more than 3-4 years, that way you’ll have a decent resale value when you get out of it.