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Volkswagen Golf 2014: Golf vs Cerato

My daughter wants to buy a 2014 VW Golf 90TSI or a new Kia Cerato. Both are around the same price, so I want some advice as to which would be better to buy. She currently has a 2007 Golf GT that has given her nothing but trouble. Each morning you start it a clinky metallic sounds happens, but when it is warmed up it is fine. She has spent $1500 trying to fix the problem, but it still makes the sound. I am now very wary of VW Golfs.

You’re right to be wary of the Golf, but apart from the well publicised stories of trouble with the DSG gearbox a few years ago it has been in more recent times a sound vehicle. We get very few complaints from owners of these later cars, so I wouldn’t be concerned about buying one. The Cerato is also a fine car and would be a good choice. If I were forced to choose I would probably gamble on the Golf for its driving dynamics.