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Disco a no no

HAVE you heard of any engine failures in 1999 Land Rover Discovery TD5 diesels caused by an oil pump failure? It fails because a bolt holding a sprocket in place inside the sump was not ``Loctited'' during manufacture. There have been a few reported failures in the UK and Land Rover helped with repairs but only on an individual basis. My Disco engine failed when the oil pressure dropped and I'm now up for a replacement engine. Land Rover Australia is not interested in the problem, saying it's out of warranty and what happens in the UK has so significance here. I wondered if there had been similar failures here so I could get back to Land Rover Australia and try to get some help.

LOCAL experts say a few early cars experienced the problem here, but it's unlikely it would take seven years to surface as you suggest with your car. I would be looking elsewhere for the problem.