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Is the Land Rover Discovery known for problems?

We are having problems with the 2017 Land Rover Discovery HSE TD6 we bought in August. It's been back to the shop six times for various reasons, mainly for the infotainment system. We've had the air con try and cook us to death, set to 16 on air con it was coming out at 30+ degrees, we've had problems with the cushioned air suspension, the reverse camera (which goes hand in hand with the infotainment unit), and now when towing our caravan we smelt smoke and the car was hazy inside. We stopped and lifted bonnet and there was smoke from the engine, a Good Samaritan stopped to see if he could help and found oil underneath. We called roadside assistance, they can tell there’s an oil leak, but because of the bash plates etc. can't see where it's coming from. Is this normal for a Land Rover Discovery? Do we have a lemon? And do you have any information on lemon laws?

There are no ‘lemon’ laws in Australia, but there are laws to protect consumers in the case of faulty products. Contact the ACCC for info on those laws. You don’t say, so I will assume the problems with the air con and the infotainment system have been rectified, and the oil leak is under investigation. On that basis I don’t believe you have cause to think you have a ‘lemon’. Fix the oil leak and carry on.