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Land Rover Discovery 2017: Need replacing due to major problems

My 2017 Land Rover Discovery is 18 months old and has less than 28,000 km. So far the car has had four major oil leaks (rear timing plug loose, rear main seal leaking, front timing cover leaking, oil filler extension leaking), the auto transmission case is porous and leaking oil, the transmission needs replacing as per dealer’s report, but now JLR Australia are saying their engineers think it can be fixed instead of being replaced, the fan belt was not fitted correctly from factory and shredded so that all the pulleys need replacing, the windscreen is leaking water, and three different door seals need replacing. These are major issues on top of a pile of minor issues with the car. Any advice on what you think we can do would be much appreciated. We think the car should be replaced and so did the dealer, but JLR Australia said no.

Document the problems with the car and any work that has been done on it since you’ve owned it and take them to JLR with a request that they advise you on what work they plan to do to fix the problems. If that doesn’t get a satisfactory response then go to your state consumer affairs office, or perhaps lodge a complaint with VCAT.