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Land Rover Discovery 2016: Buying tips

I'm thinking of purchasing a 2016 Land Rover Discovery HSE SD6 for pulling a Tvan camper across Australia. This used vehicle has never been taken off road, but that would not be the case with me. Before and after any extended off-road trip I would have the Disco serviced, but I have been told that in the event the Disco needs repair finding parts in the outback stations would be harder for a Disco compared to a Toyota 4x4, simply because we see more Toyota's around. Is this true? Does it matter if the Disco is carefully inspected prior to a trip? Do Toyota's breakdown more often compared to a Disco? Any thoughts?


There are more Toyotas seen in the bush because they have a reputation for reliability. As a result there are many more dealerships around the bush, and mechanics are more familiar with fixing them when necessary, but should the Disco break down for some reason parts are only a phone call away in one of our capital cities or major towns. Checking the vehicle before going away on a trip is always a good idea, but that won’t necessarily mean it won’t break down.